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The Earl Babbie Research Center at Chapman University is dedicated to empowering students and faculty to conduct studies that address critical social, behavioral, economic and environmental problems. The Center’s mission is to provide research support and instruction to students, faculty and the broader community, and to produce research that addresses global concerns including human rights, social justice, peaceful solutions to social conflicts and environmental sustainability. The Babbie Center includes three major research divisions: the Study of Violence and Radicalization, the Study of American Fears and the Study of Social Justice. For more information about the Earl Babbie Research Center, please send us an email at babbiecenter@chapman.edu.

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    Due to the decades-long, world-wide popularity of his textbooks in social research, Dr. Earl Babbie is one of the most famous living sociologists today. He holds the position of Campbell Professor Emeritus in Behavioral Sciences at Chapman University. He is best known for his book The Practice of Social Research (first published in 1975), currently in its 14th English edition, with numerous non-English editions. The text has been widely adopted in colleges throughout the United States and throughout other parts of the world. He is also an author of research articles and monographs. Throughout his career he has been active in the American Sociological Association and served on the ASA’s executive committee. He is also past president of the Pacific Sociological Association and California Sociological Association.

    Check out Dr. Earl Babbie's research, Solutions Without Problems.

  • Dr. Christopher Bader
    Christopher Bader is a Professor of Sociology at Chapman University and affiliated with the Institute for Religion, Economics and Society (IRES). He was principal investigator of the first two waves of the Baylor Religion Survey, a nationwide survey of US religious beliefs and the principal investigator of the the first three waves of the Chapman Survey of American Fears. He is associate director of the Association of Religion Data Archives (www.theArda.com
    ), the world's largest archive of religion survey data funded by the Templeton Foundation and Lilly Foundation and supported by Penn State University and Chapman.

    Dr. Edward Day
    Associate Professor, Chair, Department of Sociology

    Dr. Ann Gordon
    Dr. Ann Gordon is the Director of the Babbie Center and an associate professor of political science. She is also the director of the Ludie and David C. Henley Social Sciences Research Laboratory. Dr. Gordon has published four books and numerous articles. She is Co-PI of the ongoing Chapman Survey of American Fears (CSAF), leading the team studying disasters and preparedness. The CSAF has been featured in over 800 print and broadcast media including the New York Times, The Huffington Post, CBS This Morning, Yahoo News, Good Housekeeping, the Washington Post, USA Today and TIME. Dr. Gordon works with emergency managers in Southern California on communicating preparedness to the public.

    Dr. Ashley Kranjac
    Dr. Ashely Kranjac is Assistant Professor Sociology and Assistant Director of the Babbie Center. In her research, she seeks to advance scholarship in health inequalities, social stratification, and population studies. She is specifically concerned with investigating whether multifaceted determinants of risk persist after considering the sociodemographic characteristics of individuals and the neighborhoods in which they live, and whether the risks posed by social and environmental conditions are modified by population characteristics. She is also interested in the causes and consequences of neighborhood population characteristics on health risks and disparities. To date, her work has appeared in Social Science & Medicine, Population & Environment, Maternal & Child Health, Pediatrics, the Journal of School Health, Population Research & Policy Review, Obesity Research & Clinical Practice, and Contexts.

    Dr. Crystal Murphy
    Dr. Crystal Murphy (department of Political Science and Director of the MA in International Studies program) researches the lived realities of foreign assistance in conflict and post-conflict zones. Striving to understand the recipient views, together with Babbie Center student fellows, she studies the effects microcredit and cash transfer program provision in South Sudan. These projects include field interviews, qualitative and quantitative data sorting and analysis.

    Dr. Peter Simi
    Peter Simi joins us from the University of Nebraska Omaha where he was an Associate Professor of Criminology and Director of Radicalization and Violent Groups Research in the Center for Collaboration Science.  He has studied extremist groups and violence for the past 20 years, conducting interviews and observation with a range of violent gangs and political extremists. Dr. Simi is a member of the National Consortium in Studies of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) which is a university-based research center committed to the scientific study of the causes and consequences of terrorism in the United States and around the world. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Justice, National Science Foundation, Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense.

    Simi is also co-author of an award-winning book manuscript, American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement’s Hidden Spaces of Hate and frequently serves as an expert legal consultant on criminal cases related to political extremism. He is currently working on a book manuscript under contract with the University of California Press that examines the domestic front in the “war on terror” tentatively titled: Sting: Inside the FBI’s Provocation of Terror.

  • Roosevelt hall front at Chapman University

    Hamid Abdollahyan
    Professor of Communications, University of Tehran , Iran and Editor of Global Media Journal-Persian Edition

    Ron Anderson
    Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Minnesota, Founder, Foundation for Compassionate Societies

    Aaron Babbie
    Director of Engagement, Spoon Foundation

    Petras Barsauskas
    Rector, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

    Jennifer Bevan
    Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Chapman University

    Solveiga Buoziute-Rafanaviciene
    Quality Director, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

    Yuet-wah Cheung
    Professor of Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Mick Couper
    Research Professor, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan

    James Dannemiller
    President, SMS Research, Honolulu, HI

    Rosalind Edwards
    Professor of Sociology, University of Southampton, Co-editor, International Journal of Social Research Methods, England 

    Weida Fan
    President, Chinese Survey Research Association, Professor, Fudan University, Shanghai

    Mark Francisco
    Executive Sales Representative, Cengage

    Ann Gordon
    Founding Director (ex officio)

    Sally T. Hillsman
    Former Executive Officer of the American Sociological Association

    Charles Hohm
    Professor Emeritus of Sociology, San Diego State University

    Raymond Lee
    Professor Emeritus of Social Research Methods, Royal Holloway University of London, UK

    Jack Levin
    Professor and Co-Director, Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence, Northeastern University

    Peter Marsden
    Edith and Benjamin Geisinger Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

    Mike Maxfield
    John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

    Esteban Montilla
    Associate Professor of Counseling and Coordinator of Counseling Internship, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX

    Jodi O'Brien
    Professor of Sociology, Seattle University

    John Robbins
    Author, social activist, and humanitarian

    Ocean Robbins
    Author, speaker and movement builder

    Dennis Rome
    Dean of Arts and Sciences, Columbus State University, Georgia

    Allen Rubin
    Bert Kruger Smith Centennial Professor in Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin

    Steve Rutter
    Former Publisher, Routledge / Taylor and Francis

    William Ryerson
    President of Population Media Center and Population Institute

    Dietram Scheufele
    John E. Ross Professor of Communications, University of Wisconsin

    Arvind Singhal
    Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Endowed Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, and William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow, Clinton School of Public Service, Little Rock, AR

    Metta Spencer
    Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Toronto, Canada

    Teresa Sullivan
    Former President of the University of Virginia

    Jiaming Sun
    Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Texas A&M (Commerce)

    Negussie Teffera
    Country Representative Population Media Center, Ethiopia

    Thomas Van Valey
    Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Western Michigan University

    Jennifer Waldeck
    Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Chapman University

    Theodore Wagenaar
    Professor of Sociology and Gerontology, Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, Carnegie Scholar

    Jerry Westby
    Former Publisher, Pine Forge Press/SAGE Publications

    We would like to honor and thank the following people for serving on the Advisory Board

    James Davis, (1929 - 2016)
    Co-founder, General Social Survey, Principal Investigator Emeritus, National Opinion Research Center

    Charles Glock (1919-2018)
    Professor Emeritus of Sociology, UC Berkeley, Former and Founding Director, Survey Research Center, UC Berkeley, Former Director, Bureau of Applied Social Research, Columbia

    • Host conferences with internationally acclaimed scholars and practitioners.
    • Provide seed grant money to encourage student and faculty research.
    • Provide travel funds to students and faculty who need to do field work.
    • Host visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows.
    • Develop Courses that support the goals of the Center.

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