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Tuition and Financial Aid

All up-to-date information regarding the cost of tuition (including housing costs) and financial aid can be found on the Chapman University web site. Any additional questions regarding tuition and financial aid should be directed to Chapman University Office of Admission.

Dodge College Fees

Beyond the cost of standard tuition, students majoring within Dodge College may accrue additional costs in the form of class fees ranging from $75 to $300. Money collected through these fees supports the production environment and equipment used.

For advanced production classes, in addition to the discretionary funds and basic equipment provided by Dodge College, a project may incur additional costs related to the production of a film, depending on how complex a given project might be. Extraordinary expenses are the financial responsibility of the students involved.


Merit Scholarships:

Chapman University awards merit scholarships based on the applicant’s academics performance. These scholarships are awarded specifically by the Office of Admissions at Chapman. Please contact the Office of Admissions with any questions.

Talent Scholarships:
Dodge College does award talent scholarships to a select group of applicants based on their written application. All students applying to any program within Dodge College are automatically considered for a talent scholarship; no additional materials or forms are required. Recipients usually are awarded $2,000 per year, renewable annually for four years contingent upon good academic standing