• Women in Focus 2017

Dodge College of Film & Media Arts

Women in Focus Conference

» A panel of the most prominent women in the industry participating in an open discussion

Women in Focus is an annual conference featuring a panel of the most prominent women in the film profession participating in an open discussion with students and the community regarding their personal experiences in the industry. 

These women have proven themselves not only as talented business women, but also as driven risk-takers, unafraid to challenge themselves to tell stories from their hearts, openly and honestly.  These women discuss the strengths of not having “egos bigger than the task at hand” and the problems of “forgetting to fight for ourselves” in the process of fighting for the movie and the other artists with whom they work.  They share their trials and triumphs, clearly showing themselves as outstanding role models for any young person seeking to enter the highly competitive entertainment industry.

+ - 2017 Panelists

Dodge College would like to thank the panelists who contributed to the success of the 2017 conference:

Haifaa Al Mansour (WadjdaA Storm in the Stars)

Niki Caro (The Zookeeper's Wife, Whale Rider, McFarland, U.S.A.)

Sydney Freeland (Deidra & Laney Rob a TrainDrunktown's Finest)

Kelly Fremon Craig (The Edge of Seventeen)

Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Lords of Dogtown, Thirteen)

Susan Cartsonis (The DUFF, What Women Want)

+ - 2017 Sponsors

Dodge College thanks its sponsors for their generosity in supporting the 2017 Women in Focus Conference:

Twyla Reed Martin, Eve Kornyei Ruffatto, Harriet Sandhu, Diana Martin, and Joyce Tucker.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the 19th Annual Women in Focus Conference:

Friday, April 20, 2018
1:30 p.m.