» Undergraduate Application Procedure

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts maintains departmental requirements in addition to what is required to apply to Chapman University. The Dodge College requirements, listed by major within this section, are designed to showcase each applicant’s talents in relation to his/her major. To see what materials are required, please refer to your program's apply page.

Major Declaration

Applicants are asked to apply to their top choice of major within Dodge College and respond to the corresponding major requirements. If applicants have a second choice major within Dodge College, they should list it on the appropriate location on the general Chapman supplement, but should not complete the separate major requirement for that area.

After review of the file, should the Admissions Committee in Dodge College feel that the applicant may be better suited for his/her second choice major, the applicant will be contacted and asked to complete the appropriate essay for that area if he/she is still interested. 

Notifications Process

Once all materials are received in the Office of Admission, the Chapman University Admission Committee and the Dodge College Admission Committee will review the file. 

Applicants will be notified of the admission decisions through the student portal and can track their admission status online.

Change of Majors and Minors - For Current Students only

Current students must log on to the Current Students website for all admission-related materials.