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Minors allow students to learn about other areas of interest – possibly a side passion or a hobby or another subject matter that directly relates or adds to the value of their primary educational focus.

Dodge College students are encouraged to reach beyond film and media arts and explore their options in other departments on campus. As a screenwriter, understanding the human psyche can help with developing strong characters, so you may wish to consider a minor in psychology. Or as a digital arts student, maybe your interest is more in tune with gaming, where a computer science minor may come in handy. Most minor programs at Chapman University do not require department approval. View the complete list of minors available at Chapman University.

In addition, Dodge College offers minors available to all Chapman University students. Unlike other minors offered at Chapman, if you are interested in declaring a Dodge College minor, you will need to get department approval by completing a short application. While Dodge College students can also apply for one of these minors, be aware that there are several major/minor combinations that are not accepted as the classes of those combinations are too close in content.

Applying for a Minor

Minors are available to current Chapman University / Dodge College students only. 

Please visit the current students website for application information and deadlines.

Minors offered in Dodge College include:

Current Students Website

Application instructions and deadlines to apply for a minor in Dodge College are found on the Current Students Website.