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Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

Change or Add Majors or Minors

» Change or Add Majors or Minors in Dodge College

Students may apply to change their major or add a minor within Dodge College after their first year at Chapman University.

Please note: The application process is different for change of major/minor than for incoming students, so students should not reference the information on the “Apply” section of this website, only the information on the Current Students website.

Dodge College students are encouraged to reach beyond film and media and explore their options in other departments on campus. Most minor programs at Chapman University do not require department approval. View the complete list of minors available at Chapman University.

In addition to their majors, Dodge College also offers minors. Unlike other minors offered at Chapman, if you are interested in declaring a Dodge College minor, you will need to apply by submitting a short application. Please be aware that there are several major/minor combinations that are not allowed as some of the classes are too close in content.

Applying for a Major or Minor

Every current student at Chapman, including Dodge majors, must apply to change their major or add a minor to any of our programs. Please visit the Dodge Student Portal for more information on how to apply and the deadlines to apply for each semester.

Any questions about this process can be sent to our Academic Team by email at dodgeacademicsupport@chapman.edu .


  • Fall Deadline: October 1
  • Spring Deadline: March 1

We do our best to meet every student’s needs, but unfortunately the high demand for many of our programs makes it impossible for us to guarantee approval of a change of major and/or minor within Dodge College. We encourage students to have alternate plans in case they are not admitted to one of our programs.

Minors offered in Dodge College include:

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Application instructions and deadlines to apply for a minor in Dodge College are found on the

Dodge Student Portal