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» Navigate the complex, diverse, and evolving festival and distribution worlds with our help.


The Film Festival Office is here to assist you in navigating the complex, diverse, and evolving film festival and distribution worlds. The Film Festival Specialist can help you decide where to place your entry and to advise you on the preparation of your submission. They will assist, if able, with the shipping of your film prints to festival screenings and broker deals with festivals to offer entry fee discounts or fee waivers. They also respond to outside festival requests to screen films, so be sure to provide them up-to-date files and Vimeo links of your film.

The Film Festival Specialist is also in charge of tracking the success of student films and screenplay projects in festivals and competitions, so please update them with any news regarding your projects.

Not all films will receive monetary support with festival submissions and not all festival entry fees will be reimbursed. Chapman student films are supported on a case by case basis resulting from faculty recommendations and the Film Festival Specialist's judgment. Graduate and senior thesis films take precedence, although some exceptional non-thesis films may receive minimal support as well.

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