» Administrative Team

Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has a dedicated staff committed to making the total student experience run as smoothly as possible. They work hard. They listen. They care about the nature of each student's experience. But don't take our word for it. Find out for yourself.

photo of Stephen Galloway

Stephen Galloway

MKS 309
(714) 997-6765
photo of Michael Kowalski

Michael Kowalski

Senior Associate Dean and Chief Academic Officer
MKS 309
(714) 628-7388
photo of Pavel  Jech

Pavel Jech

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
MKS 309
(714) 997-6537
photo of Dan Leonard

Dan Leonard

Associate Dean and Chief Technology Officer
MKS 309
(714) 997-6753
photo of Madeline Warren

Madeline Warren

Chair, Undergraduate Programs
MKS 352
(714) 997-6562
no photo available for Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Chair, Graduate Programs
MKS 309
(714) 997-6765
photo of James Dutcher

James Dutcher

Director of Curriculum Management
MKS 309
(714) 289-3597
photo of Eric Young

Eric Young

Chair of Production
MKS 278
(714) 516-7101
photo of Ciara Jones

Ciara Jones

Director of Administrative Operations
MKS 309
(714) 744-7678
photo of Kareem Marashi

Kareem Marashi

Director of Technical Operations
MKS 327
(714) 997-6848
no photo available for Joceline Abarca

Joceline Abarca

Administrative Assistant, Business Operations
MKS 335
(714) 516-5045
photo of Ash Allee-Moawad

Ash Allee-Moawad

Stage Manager, Class Support
MKS 156
(714) 628-7390
photo of Steve Baker

Steve Baker

Shop and Warehouse Manager
CSW 142
(714) 628-2861
photo of Katie Bottinelli

Katie Bottinelli

Career & Alumni Support Coordinator
MKS 309
(714) 516-5909
no photo available for Mickey Duzdevich

Mickey Duzdevich

Film Festival Specialist
MKS 342
(714) 744-7931
photo of Robby Campbell

Robby Campbell

Assistant Production Manager
MSK 332
(714) 997-6966
photo of Priscilla Campos

Priscilla Campos

Associate Director of Admission
MKS 343
(714) 997-6996
photo of Hannah Clausen

Hannah Clausen

Academic Affairs Administrator
MKS 309
(714) 628-7245
no photo available for Myra Delgado

Myra Delgado

Student Support Coordinator
MKS 309
photo of Tim Durban

Tim Durban

Production Manager
MKS 329
(714) 628-2853
photo of Todd Gilbert

Todd Gilbert

Post-Production Manager
MKS 355
(714) 997-6597
photo of David Goedhart

David Goedhart

TV Studio Engineer
MKS 115
(714) 628-2736
photo of Priscilla  Gonzalez

Priscilla Gonzalez

Assistant Production Manager
MSK 333
(714) 997-6991
no photo available for Kyle Harbour

Kyle Harbour

Production Equipment Coordinator
MKS 133
(714) 997-6998
photo of Gamaliel Hernandez

Gamaliel Hernandez

Digital Media Specialist
DMAC 107
(714) 628-2709
photo of Jessica Houston

Jessica Houston

Admissions Coordinator
MKS 343
(714) 997-6996
no photo available for Matthew Kenichi-Muranaga

Matthew Kenichi-Muranaga

CSW Shop Supervisor
CSW 141
(714) 516-5035
photo of Eunyoung Kim

Eunyoung Kim

Production Operations Coordinator
MKS 330
(714) 628-2866
photo of Nate Kim

Nate Kim

Audiovisual Systems Engineer
MKS 126
(714) 997-6909
photo of Sora Kim

Sora Kim

Operations Manager
MKS 346
(714) 744-7910
no photo available for Susie Landau-Finch

Susie Landau-Finch

Career and Industry Relations Manager
MKS 345
photo of Aaron McLean

Aaron McLean

Academic Operations Manager
MKS 319
(714) 628-7287
no photo available for Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

Covid-19 Safety Compliance Officer
MKS 354
(714) 516-4565
no photo available for Jenny Pershon

Jenny Pershon

Equipment Room Supervisor
MKS 133
(714) 628-2865
photo of Nick Peterson

Nick Peterson

Production Support Manager
MKS 356
(714) 628-2863
no photo available for Steve Schwinn

Steve Schwinn

Audio Support Technician
MKS 211
(714) 744-2162
photo of Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Theater Manager
MKS 262
(714) 744-2165
photo of Kenia Suarez

Kenia Suarez

Executive Assistant
MKS 309
(714) 997-6581
photo of Marita Tyler

Marita Tyler

Stage Manager, Student Productions
MKS 156
(714) 997-6573
photo of Sunny Voong

Sunny Voong

Information Systems Specialist
MKS 128
(714) 997-6772