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Dodge College of Film and Media Arts has a policy to support our alumni who are in need of resources to produce low-budget projects after graduating. This policy allows us to support the many requests we get from alumni without taking resources away from currents students working on projects required for their degree. This program is available to individuals who have successfully graduated from a Dodge College program.

IMPORTANT: At certain times during the year, approval for alumni productions will not be granted so that the equipment and facilities can be entirely dedicated to students working to complete required assignments. Facilities and resources are only available for checkout in a window starting one week after commencement in the Spring (generally the third week of May), and must be returned no later than three weeks prior to the first day of instruction in the Fall (generally the last week of August). While some exceptions can be made for particularly small requests, these are rare and should not be assumed. Please read the full policy before submitting a request for resources.

Requests for resources or locations from the main Chapman University campus must go through the Event Operations department.

To request production equipment and/or facilities, refer to the Alumni Resource Request Form.