• B.F.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary - on the set of Chapman News
  • B.F.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary
Dodge College of Film & Media Arts

B.F.A. in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary

» Develop your skills in documentary filmmaking, news reporting, and TV producing

Want to work for ESPN or CNN? How about reporting the red-carpet, producing for Dateline NBC or anchoring the news in San Diego or Los Angeles? Working on a documentary for HBO or hungry digital outlets? Perhaps touring the world as cameraperson or sound technician with AC/DC or Taylor Swift?

Are you ready to report the facts, provide insightful analysis or produce a documentary about an issue you’re passionate about?

You can hone the skills to do all of these things as a major in Broadcast Journalism and Documentary—our graduates, many of them recent, are already working at these very jobs.

Through Dodge College you will have unique opportunities to travel to the centers of the news business in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C. as well as to explore the issues best captured in documentaries both locally, through our Community Voices program, and internationally, in countries in Africa, Asia and beyond.

Fan of BuzzFeed? Master of Twitter and Instagram? Colbert junkie? How about the late, lamented Newsroom? Do you see yourself as entrepreneurial, as the next great “preditor” (“producer” + “editor”), or backpack journalist? Then Dodge College wants you.

Using our four-camera, state-of-the-art,  high definition television studio, industry-standard technology like iNews and Avid,  digital cinema cameras like the Red One and Sony F65, and camera and sound packages dedicated to broadcast journalism and documentary field production, our students create and produce:

We also maintain and program our own cable-access channel, TV-Orange, Channel 6 in Orange, Calif. (also broadcast on Channel 99 in U-verse), which reaches the entire Los Angeles and Southern California market. This enables us to produce shows such as our weekly newscast live over our own channel, and a live broadcast-quality production of all home football games, and other campus events.

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