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How many students do you plan to admit?

The number of students we admit varies depending on our goals and yield predictions each year. Generally speaking, our admit rate is about 20%, but this number varies greatly over the specific programs within Dodge College. Our admit rate for film production is 8%, while some of our other programs admit at a higher rate closer to 30% or 40%.

What are the average SAT and GPA scores for admitted students?

For fall of 2019, our average freshman GPA was 3.7, average SAT was 1360 and average ACT was 29. We highly value the academic aptitude of each applicant and weigh these academic measures into our evaluation of every file in addition to your creative supplement materials.

How strict are the length requirements for the essays, video and creative resume?

We are actually very strict about all length and formatting requirements outlined within the department application. Two pages means two pages and two minutes means two minutes. Going over any length requirements can have a negative effect on our review of your application and, in many cases, we will simply not review anything over the allotted length.

Can I submit additional portfolio pieces to showcase my work?

Please do not send any type of reel or other physical portfolio pieces. They will not be reviewed by the admissions committee.

What major in Dodge College requires additional materials beyond just the Common Application?

All majors at Dodge College require a Creative Supplement that is submitted in addition to the Common Application. For more details on what the requirements are please visit your major of choice through our Apply section.

How many letters of recommendation do I need?

You must submit at least two letters of recommendation. You will need at least one "Teacher Evaluation" that will all be submitted through the Common Application. There is also a Department Letter of Recommendation required for applying to Dodge College that must be submitted separately.

For more information please see the instructions on the "Apply" page of our website for your respective major.

Can I submit additional department letters of recommendation?

We only ask for one department letter of recommendation in addition to the letters requested by the Office of Admission. Since we will only review one letter of recommendation, we suggest you pick your recommender wisely to make sure s/he is the best person to address your creative talents, experience and leadership skills.

Can I be admitted to another major at Chapman University if I am not admitted directly to Dodge College?

Applicants can indicate a first and second choice major on the Common Application. Your first choice major can be one within Dodge College while your second can be another major within a different school at Chapman, or another major within Dodge. If the admissions committee in Dodge College does not recommend you for admission, the Office of Admission (and potentially Dodge) can consider you for your second choice at Chapman. There’s no guarantee that you will be considered for a second-choice major. Dodge College also provides no guarantee of an approval for a change of major as a current student, we recommend only listing a second choice major if you are truly serious about pursuing that particular area of study at Chapman. In other words, please do not list a second choice as a back-up in case you do not get your first choice, with the expectation that you will simply switch majors later on.

Also, please note that if you plan to apply Early Decision to Chapman University, if admitted it is a binding admission for your first or second choice indicated. Do not list a second choice unless you will still want to attend Chapman if offered that option.

What if I don’t have any prior experience in my requested field of study?

We don’t specifically require you to have any experience related to your area of study. It’s okay if you have just made movies on your own, or planned an event for you school club. We hope your application will demonstrate your understanding of key concepts related to each program as well as tell us about your creative abilities and endeavors -- whatever they may be. Everyone is creative in his or her own way, whether it’s playing music, writing poetry, designing the school yearbook or working on a group project for a class.

Can I double major?

Any student at Chapman University is allowed to double major. For most programs on campus, there is no additional application process or approval required to add a double major, and a student is free to declare a double major at any time. A student should thoroughly consider the time commitment to each program before declaring a double major. Many of our Dodge College programs have substantial time commitments outside the classroom which can be challenging for students to juggle with too many other activities. There are some limitations to double major combinations within Dodge College and any student wishing to add a double major within Dodge will have to apply for admittance into the second program using the change of major form. Similar to our change of major policy, we cannot guarantee your request to add a second major with Dodge College will be approved. In addition, any student wishing to add a major with a different degree, e.g, a B.A. and a B.F.A., must complete the requirements for a dual degree, which includes 157 credits. See the Chapman University catalog for details

Can I have a minor?

Any student at Chapman University is allowed to add a minor to their degree. There are many minors offered at Chapman and a complete list can be found on the Chapman University web site. Most minors do not require any formal approval from the department, and a student is free to declare a minor at any time. However, minors in Dodge College are one of the exceptions to this rule and do require departmental approval. For those interested in minoring in advertising, broadcast journalism, public relations, film studies, or television, you can apply through the application on our Current Students website. We do not offer minors in screenwriting, film production, digital arts, creative producing or screen acting. In addition, there are certain major/minor combinations that are not permitted within Dodge College.

Can I set up an interview with the admission committee in Dodge College?

Given the high volume of applications, the Dodge College admissions committee does not conduct personal interviews of applicants.

How do I apply for the screen-acting program?

The Screen Acting is a unique program that is shared between Dodge College and the Department of Theater. In order to apply to this program, you must complete the Common Application and Creative Supplement for the program, which can be found on the Department of Theater's website. Both departments will review applicants and make a joint decision, with the Office of Admissions, on who will be accepted.

If I am admitted to Chapman University, can I later apply to Dodge College?

Any student at Chapman University can apply for a change of major into Dodge College. However, there is no guarantee that your change of major application will be approved and there is no advantage given to current students applying for a change of major over students who apply as incoming students. In fact, for our film production program, it is much more difficult to be admitted through a change of major application than as an incoming student.

If I am not accepted to Chapman University/Dodge College, can I reapply at a later date?

Yes, you can apply to Chapman University again. We suggest you consult the Office of Admissions for advice on what classes to take at other colleges and how to improve your academic profile.

In what format should I write my screenwriting essay?

The screenwriting essay asks for a short story, not a script. DO NOT use script formatting or write only in dialogue. This essay will be used to assess your writing abilities and not your knowledge of screenwriting format. Think of it as an assignment for your English teacher and focus instead on character development, descriptions and creating conflict.

Is the application or review process different for transfer students?

The application process is not any different for transfer students other than the application deadline. Transfer applicants have no advantage over high school applicants.

What are you specifically looking for in the written and visual sample for Film Production?

There is no "right or wrong" for either requirement. For the written sample we want to see your storytelling ability and strength in writing. For the video we want see your visual storytelling ability and see how well you can tell a compelling and interesting story in visuals. You should use both requirements to show us who you are as a storyteller and what you will bring to our program.

What music can I use in my visual sample for Film Production?

Since these videos are only for internal use at the University, you do not need the rights to the music you decide to use in your video; however, you should add a music credit at the end of your film if possible.

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