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Dodge College offers the following degree programs in its Sodaro–Pankey Undergraduate School of Media Arts:

B.F.A. Broadcast Journalism and Documentary

Tell stories for all types of visual media outlets by reporting the news or explore issues in a documentary.

B.F.A. Creative Producing

Learn the business behind the business. You will learn how to identify and develop creative properties, manage a budget, and assemble a team of key creatives; and that’s just the beginning.

B.F.A. Animation & Visual Effects

Master the marriage of art created by hand and by computer as you design an animated character, create visual effects, or use virtual reality to tell your story.

B.F.A. Film and Television Production

Explore all areas of production from directing to cinematography, editing, production design or audio design. Figure out what interests you have and then tell the world your story.

B.A. Film and Media Studies

Study film history, critical theory and the language of aesthetics and develop the writing skills necessary to be a film critic or film historian.

B.A. Public Relations, Advertising, and Entertainment Marketing

Become a storyteller for business as you sharpen your creative skills in writing and design and learn to strategically use all forms of media, from film to social media.

B.F.A. Writing for Film & Television

Push your creativity to the limits as a screenwriter who gives the actors their voice through your words.

B.F.A. Screen Acting

Bring stories to life in front of the camera as you develop your acting talent for stage and screen.


Whatever major you decide to pursue, you can follow your other interests with a minor.

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