» Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Students declared in the BFA in Art program participate in many shared learning experiences throughout the comprehensive studio art curriculum. Freshman and Sophomores explore a broad range of media in foundational studio courses designed to develop technical proficiencies. Sophomores and Juniors explore a range of contemporary artistic practices through required courses in Contemporary Gallery Practice, Modernism and Contemporary Art History, and the Junior exhibition. Juniors and seniors take four intermedia interdisciplinary studio art courses that promote critical and conceptual thinking as they develop individual artistic voices. The senior seminar course is the capstone experience in the program requiring students to install an exhibition of their artwork in Chapman’s Guggenheim Gallery, and write an accompanying thesis statement. Every semester, students work together to install The Departmental, an exhibition that is judged by visiting professional artists and gallerists. 

Program Learning Outcomes

We engage students to participate in personalized education that helps them develop an independent, informed and articulate voice as an artist, which they will demonstrate through their studio work, artist statement and exhibition. Students will produce a body of artwork that evidences a mutually reinforcing integration of form and content. They are expected to use identifying and comparative language to explain how their own artwork is positioned within the general context of contemporary artistic practice both orally and in writing. 

AP Art scores can be counted towards GE credit but will not be considered to count towards the major in art.

  • Current students, please contact the Department of Art for information at art@chapman.edu.

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