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» Academic Advising for New Students - Spring 2024

Important dates

Early December: Required online advising tutorial opens on December 1st. Starting Friday, December 1st you will be able to access the online advising tutorial and final exam to remove your advising hold. This tutorial will explain the advising and registration process. More information for First Years is available on the New Student Advising & Registration website. More information for Transfers is available on the Transfer Pre-Registratio Advising website.  

Later in early December: Registration for classes begins. Each student has their own registration date sometime in early December. Your Student Center will be updated in November with your exact registration date and time. Your date will be posted in the "Enrollment Dates" area; see directions for finding registration date and time here.

Registration process

A key part of preparing for your first semester at Chapman is selecting your classes. The resources on our Registration Process website will help you understand that process and register for classes on your assigned date and time. In addition, note that:

Find your advisors - for First Years and Transfers


First Year Students: All incoming First Year Students have been assigned an Academic Advisor. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Academic Advisor directly.


Transfer Students: As an incoming Transfer Students, you will want to work with both your Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Center, as well as your Program Advisor 

Your academic advisor can help you with registering and general education classes. They're located in the Academic Advising Center. You can start working with your academic advisor after you complete your online advising tutorial available via Canvas.

Your program advisor can help you plan your major classes and answer questions related to your major. They're located wherever your major department is on campus. If you are undeclared, your advisor is in the Academic Advising Center until you declare a major.

Find your academic advisor

Find your program advisor


Helpful Handouts and Videos

Visit our Helpful Handouts and Videos page for resources on a variety of topics!

Additional advising resources

Language placement testing

View a list of languages and learn more about the testing placement options available to you.

Math placement testing

Learn more about the Math Pathways at Chapman and math assessments (and which one you need to take).

Introduction to the General Education program

Learn more about our General Education program and GE course options.

Recommended classes for first-year students

Not sure which classes to take your first year? This guide will help you choose.

FAQs for Advising and Registration

Get answers to frequently asked questions about advising and registration for incoming students.