mural in Chapman Student Union hallway for I am Chapman Campaign.
Argyros Forum Student Union Gallery

» October Gallery Exhibits

The I Am Chapman campaign is designed to explore and affirm the different identities reflected in the Chapman University student population. By participating in the campaign, students help the University affirm the diversity among Chapman students and foster a campus climate that welcomes and values the diversity within each student.

The Wellness Wall features a rotating combination of tiles that reflect on- and off-campus resources and educational content to support students' holistic wellness.  While the content of the tiles changes periodically, the Wellness Wall always centers on the belief that, when we cultivate our own autonomy, balance, and resilience, we develop the knowledge and skills necessary for being agents of our own wellness journey.

In recognition of LGBTQIA History Month the Student Union has curated a small collection of mixed media artwork created by queer artists across the United States. The LGBTQIA+ History exhibit features artists celebrating the revolutionary legacy and enormous impact that queer people have made in our society. Art includes Keith Haring's Act up Poster, a tribute to Stonewall, 1970's Gay Liberation Day poster and queer representation in recognizable art historical works.


The Chapman Homecoming exhibit features photography from Chapman Homecoming events over the years. Homecoming is celebrated annually in October and this exhibit provides prospective students, alumni and families to get a taste of Chapman's homecoming activities.

The CURATE119 exhibits a special exhibit by Calliope Art and Literary Magazine called Sonder: Humanity and Fragility. The photographs in this exhibition have been curated from the past four issues of Calliope and were created by Chapman students and alumni. Each of these works evokes the role of the observer and the idea of what it means to be human, whether humanity is present in the subject or the subject is something that humanity left behind. These photographs create private moments, captured on film or digitally, and in doing so, ask the viewer to consider what it means to witness moments of life that are just as rich and full as their own.
Calliope is an art and literary magazine dedicated to showcasing an inclusive range of artistic voices at Chapman University. We publish a new issue at the end of each semester and accept all genres of writing and any visual art that can be represented in print. Our publication strives to provide a space for artistic expression, reminding readers and contributors that art and literature are community-building pursuits.

The Argyros Forum Student Union Galleries

The galleries provide a space to celebrate Chapman student life and encourage critical thought through the work of talented artists.  We invite you to view our five exhibit spaces, located in two of the main hallways of the Student Union.  While the exhibits change monthly, the gallery strives to affirm various cultural identities, especially those that are underrepresented at Chapman; highlight the impact of involvement in university activities and organizations; and celebrate student achievement and success.