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» Student Affairs Wellness Framework

In order to create an environment that supports comprehensive well-being, Student Affairs programs and resources are guided by the belief that when we cultivate our own autonomy, balance, and resilience, we develop the knowledge and skills necessary for being agents of our own wellness journey.  The Division of Student Affairs strives to help students cultivate a commitment to:

over one's life by assuming responsibility for their choices and behavior

emotionally, physically, socially,and across all dimensions of well-being

to navigate intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges and setbacks

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In addition to offering programs and resources that support student well-being, Student Affairs expects Chapman students to commit to: 

  • Increasing your agency over your own well-being
  • Engaging in action and dialogues that encourage your own and other's well-being
  • Taking ownership of the intended and unintended outcomes of your behavior on your own, others' and the community's well-being

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For more information about the Student Affairs Wellness Framework and how it informs student programs and resources for well-being, contact Wellness and Recreation staff.