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B.A. Psychology

» Creating Pathways to the Future

Chapman University offers a psychology degree that not only studies the complexity of human behavior, but also strongly encourages research. The psychology program prepares students for future professional and personal interactions. Many students have presented at regional and national scientific conferences, some have even had their work published in leading scientific journals. In addition, the degree offers a wealth of internship opportunities in fields such as mental health, medicine, special education, wellness, business, and research.

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Faculty and Student Research

The psychology faculty takes pride in its established tradition of individualized faculty-student mentoring, creating a personalized education that enhances student achievements. Many professors are currently engaged in a wide range of psychological research, for more details please view our Faculty and Student Research page.

Program Advising

If you are a psychology major in need of advising, please contact your faculty advisor directly. If you don’t know who your faculty advisor is, please check www.my.chapman.edu. If you don’t see a psychology faculty advisor listed in www.my.chapman.edu, please contact the psychology department or the psychology student peer advising team for assistance. Contact information for all psychology faculty members can be found on the Crean College Faculty Directory. If you are a prospective student, please contact the psychology student peer advising team for general information.

Internship Opportunities

PSY 490 & PSY 492 offer psych students the opportunity to intern in a variety of psychologically related service areas ranging from educational settings to hospital facilities. Students are mentored by psychology faculty during the internship experience. Contact your faculty advisor and the Career and Professional Development for more information and registration materials.

Psi Chi International Honor's Society

Psi Chithe National Honor Society for Psychology, offers academic recognition, advising, research opportunities and more.

Associations and Conferences

Alumni Spotlight

Samira Amirazizi 2018 Outstanding Senior: Samira Amirazizi
Lab Manager Cognitive Science Lab
Research Assistant Health and Well-Being Lab
Psychology Peer Advisor
Outstanding Senior-Campus Leadership Awards
Fellowship Recipient SURF
Recipient of Gottfried Western Psychology Association Research Award in Developmental Psychology

Joanna Dare 2018 Outstanding Senior: Joanna Dare
Research Assistant - Human Sexuality Lab
Lab Manager for Dr. David Frederick
Presented individual research at two national conferences
Lead Desk Assistant for the Cross-Cultural Center
Nominated for Outstanding Diversity Leadership - Campus Leadership Awards

Yasmin 2017 Outstanding Senior Awardee: Yasmin Akbari
2016-17 President of Psi Chi International Honor's Society
Psychology Peer Advisor
Admitted to Palo Alto University-Stanford PsyD Consortium


Sohini 2016 Outstanding Senior Awardee: Sohini Mukherjee
Lab Assistant- Early Human and Lifespan Development
University Honors Program
Chapman Presidential Scholar
Outstanding Senior- Campus Leadership Awards
Admitted to Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Yale,
Major at Harvard: Master of Science Global Health and Population
50% tuition scholarship

Taylor 2015 Outstanding Senior Awardee: Taylor Stephens
Lab Assistant- Cogitative Psychophysiology Laboratory
External Internships: Stone Soup Childcare, Food & Fitness Fun Education
2014-15 President of Psi Chi International Honor’s Society
2014-15 Secretary of Gamma Beta Phi National Honor’s Society
Awarded $50,000 scholarship to Palo Alto University (Trauma Fellowship Award)
Major at Grad School: Clinical PhD program with emphasis on Child & Family therapy

Global Education Opportunities

Psychology majors are encouraged to consider spending a semester abroad and have many opportunities around the globe. Earn credit toward your Chapman degree by taking unique courses that may be applied for credit for both general education and your major. Take courses in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and more! Below are sample courses and recommended programs for psychology majors. Check-out the course catalogs to view full course listings. Apply two semesters prior. Visit the Global Gateway for more options.

  • ISA in Greece – Arts, Business, Liberal Arts & Sciences: Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence, Forensic Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Stress and Coping
  • ISA – University of Roehampton (London): Health Psychology, Intro to Sports & Exercise Psychology, Social Psychology
  • Franklin University (Switzerland): Developmental Psychology
  • University of Limerick (Ireland): Health Psychology, Social Psychology of Organizations, Applied Sports Psychology, Abnormal and Clinical Psychology
  • Arcadia - City University of London: Coaching Psychology, Lifespan Psychology, Intro to Counseling Psychology, Personality & Differential Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
  • Arcadia University – Umbra Institute (Italy): Human Development in Culture, Organizational Behavior, The Science of Behavioral Change

Pacific Region
  • University of Auckland (New Zealand): Health Psychology, Intro to Clinical Psychology, Perception & Cognition, Psychology and Gender, Sports Psychology, Research Methods
  • ISA – University of Sydney (Australia): Abnormal Psychology, Learning and Behavior, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Statistics & Research Methods
  • ISA – University of Newcastle (Australia): Biological Psychology, Advanced Health Psychology, Advanced Social and Organizational Psychology, Introduction to Abnormal Behavior

Latin America

  • ISEP Direct - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile): History of Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence


  • University of Cape Town (South Africa): Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Introduction to Psychology 


  • Korea University: Biological Psychology, Child Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Fundamentals of Psychology
  • Temple University, Japan Campus (Tokyo): Child Psychopathology and Treatment, Critical Thinking in Psychology, Human Sexuality
Students can partake in a Summer International Internship to obtain hands-on work and culture experience while earning 3 Chapman credits. Internships are offered in seven locations worldwide including Santiago, Shanghai, Prague, Madrid, Dublin, Australia (multiple cities), and New Zealand (multiple cities). Placements are customized and based on the student’s major, career goals, and interests. Apply the fall semester prior. In addition, every Interterm and summer, Chapman faculty lead groups of students on Travel Courses for 1-4 weeks, and you can earn 3-4 Chapman credits to a range of international and domestic locations. Apply one semester prior. Visit the Center for Global Education to register for a Global First Steps session and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

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