CEP and Stroke Boot Camp
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Stroke Boot Camp

Stroke Boot Camp is a NO-COST,  2 week intensive, interdisciplinary treatment program for chronic stroke survivors. Faculty and students participate by:  1) helping design and implement the programs; 2) assist with collecting and analyzing clinical outcome data; or 3) providing hands-on interventions.  Healthcare professionals and graduate students from several disciplines and programs join together to provide multi-dimensional, patient-centered care that fosters social interaction.

Community Exercise Program (CEP)

DPT faculty and students offer this NO-COST exercise service to the community. Classes led and supervised by Licensed Physical Therapists with graduate student participation. This is a focused exercise class for those affected by Balance, Coordination, Neurological, and Mobility related impairments and disability. Caregivers are welcomed. Parking is free. Space is limited based on availability.

Balance Families program

Balance Families program is designed for families with children with neuromuscular movement limitations. The program provides a dance experience for the children while parents participate in a Relational Psychotherapy Group. The children participate in a weekly dance class led by dance teachers while licensed Physical Therapists and Graduate Physical Therapy Students provide hands-on assistance to each child throughout the class to improve motor control and strength. A live musician is present to enhance movement through rhythm. The parents participate in a Relational Psychotherapy Group led by licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Graduate Marriage and Family Therapy Students. Both the Physical Therapy and Marriage and Family Graduate Students receive first-hand experience with an interprofessional approach to creative intervention of children and their families.

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