» Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences to Doctor of Physical Therapy

This program will provide priority consideration for admission to excellent Health Science students to Chapman University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The Bridge application is a three-step process.

STEP ONE: Academic Performance

By spring semester of the junior year, students seeking to apply must:

Complete the following courses and adhere to the criteria associated with the courses:

  1. BIOL 204, BIOL 205, HSCI 210, HSCI 365, HSCI 366, CHEM 140, CHEM 150, PHYS 107, PHYS 108, PSY 203 (or MATH 203), and one course in Human Behavior (i.e., PSY, SOC)

  2. Must be taken at Chapman University or must be identified as equivalent in the Chapman University/Saddleback College TAG agreement

  3. May only be taken once

  4. Must be taken for a letter grade, earning a "C" or better

  5. Must be completed by the end of spring semester junior year

  6. Taken together the courses must compute to a GPA > 3.5

STEP TWO:  Declaration and Plan

By the end of the junior year, the student seeking to apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program must schedule a meeting with Health Science Progam Chair, Dr. Ken Sumida to verify the fulfillment of requirements for admission.  

STEP THREE: Application Submission and requirements

  1. Submit an application through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) in August before the beginning of the senior year

  2. Complete the GRE before the beginning of the senior year with the following minimum scores: Verbal 152, Quantitative 148, Writing 4.0

  3. Submit documentation showing completion of 40 hours of physical therapy observation/experience

  4. Complete B.S. Health Science degree with a cumulative GPA >3.5.  The degree may be completed during any term of the senior year

  5. Submit a non-refundable enrollment deposit if an offer of admission is extended; deposit to be applied toward tuition.