» MHA Master of Healthcare Administration at Concordia University

Crean College undergraduates majoring in Psychology, Health Sciences, and Applied Human Physiology may be eligible to participate in the bridge program to the MHA in Healthcare Administration at Concordia Univeristy. For more details, please contact Chapman Career Advisor Heidi Swanson or Concordia University Admission Counselor Melissa Hinrichs.

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Program Highlights

Emphasizes the foundational knowledge and competencies needed across a wide array of healthcare management role in the areas of: leadership, professionalism, communication and relationship management, healthcare environment knowledge, and business skills and knowledge.

Our dedicated professors have backgrounds in a variety of sectors of healthcare administration; many are employed as practitioners and consultants in the industry. Faculty actively engage with students and ensure coursework is relevant, innovative, and practical.

Advisory Board
Consisting of leaders in the health services community, alumni, and faculty, our Advisory Board is committed to adding value to the MHA program and to the professional development of our students.

Capstone Project
As the culmination of the program, students complete a capstone project with a healthcare organization designed to integrate prior coursework and experience.

Some of the Places Alumni Work

UC Irvine Health
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Mnet Health Services
The Phil Platform, San Francisco
Applied Medical
UC San Francisco Hospital
Kaiser Permanente
St. Joseph's Health
MBK Senior Living
KPC Global Health
SCAN Health Plan