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M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy

» Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE)

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Our Mission

The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program is specifically structured to prepare students for licensure in California as Marriage and Family Therapists. All students in our program have the unique experience of completing a one year clinical practicum in our on-site community clinic, the Frances Smith Center for Individual and Family Therapy.

Our mission is to provide students with the academic and professional training to become multiculturally competent, ethical and systems-oriented marriage and family therapists who are critical consumers of research in the field.

COAMFTE Accreditation (Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes)

Accreditation Benefits

The COAMFTE accreditation allows for ease of transferability of coursework, clinical hours, and credits completed among COAMFTE-accredited programs, oftentimes easing the licensure process after moving to another state. Students are encouraged to check with their preferred state regarding specific educational requirements.  More information regarding individual state regulatory board requirements can be found at  https://www.amftrb.org/

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Program Goals

  1. Teach a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing relational/systemic theories and techniques (KNOWLEDGE)
  2. Train and graduate students who are competent in the relational/systemic practice of marriage and family therapy (PRACTICE)
  3. Promote an environment of inclusion and respect for diversity in all its forms throughout curriculum offerings and clinical training (DIVERSITY)
  4. Teach students to critically evaluate research in the field and use it to inform and enhance clinical practice (RESEARCH)
  5. Train students to apply MFT professional and ethical standards (ETHICS)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of family systems theories by incorporating theory and technique when working with different treatment units.
  2. Students will graduate from the program within the advertised length of time.
  3. Students will demonstrate an awareness of and respect for diversity issues and their own social location in relation to their clinical experience.
  4. Students will be successful consumers of research by demonstrating an understanding of basic research methods and integrating this knowledge into clinical practice.
  5. Students will be knowledgeable of and successfully apply appropriate legal and ethical guidelines necessary for the competent practice of marriage and family therapy.
  6. Graduates will secure employment in the field of Marriage & Family Therapy.
  7. Graduates will pass MFT Licensing Exams.
  8. Students will be able to assess, hypothesize and intervene from a systemic perspective in their clinical practice.



The MA in Marriage and Family Therapy program has adopted the Chapman University Statement on Diversity and Inclusion.  In addition, the MFT program aims to maintain a diverse student body and faculty to enhance classroom and clinical experiences.  Diversity issues are also incorporated throughout the curriculum and clinical practicum in client caseloads and supervision.

Student Diversity Demographics

Faculty and Clinical Supervisor Diversity Demographics

Admissions Averages and Graduate Outcomes

Learn more about our recent admissions averages and graduate outcomes.

Admissions Averages

Graduate Outcomes


Student/Graduate Achievement Criteria Data

The COAMFTE Student/Graduate Achievement Criteria (SAC) Data Table highlights graduation, job placement and licensure exam pass rates for Chapman University's Orange, CA MFT program.

Delta Kappa Phi

Chapman University’s MFT program is one of only two MFT programs in California with a Chapter in Delta Kappa, the International Marriage and Family Therapy Honor Society.  Delta Kappa is committed to training emerging leaders in the field of MFT.