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B.S. Health Sciences

» Ranked in the Top 10 “Best Health Sciences” degree programs by CollegeChoice.Net

The B.S. in Health Sciences offers a combination of basic science, behavioral science, and health science courses that provide students with a multidisciplinary understanding of health and healthcare in today's society. The elective choices are “areas of study” that fulfill the requirements for various healthcare professions.

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Physical Therapy

photo of Kellen  Matsuno

Kellen Matsuno

University of Southern California
Doctor of Physical Therapy
photo of Emily Schlaefer

Emily Schlaefer

Columbia University
Doctor of Physical Therapy
photo of Elizabeth Avazian

Elizabeth Avazian

University of California, San Francisco
Doctor of Physical Therapy
photo of Justin  LaLonde

Justin LaLonde

Samuel Merritt University
Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physician Assistant

photo of Savannah  Horton

Savannah Horton

Chapman University
PA Studies
photo of Vivian Acevedo

Vivian Acevedo

Chapman University
PA Studies
photo of Emily McCoy

Emily McCoy

Marshall B. Ketchum University
PA Studies

Doctor of Medicine

photo of DJ  Smithers

DJ Smithers

Boston University
School of Medicine
photo of Veronica  Yim

Veronica Yim

Penn State
College of Medicine
photo of Allysa Abram

Allysa Abram

California Northstate University
College of Medicine
photo of Elaine  Oldford

Elaine Oldford

Western Michigan University
Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
photo of Dwight Curry

Dwight Curry

Howard University
College of Medicine


photo of Avrita Brar

Avrita Brar

University of Southern California
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry
photo of Thimanthi Withana

Thimanthi Withana

Case Western Reserve University
School of Dental Medicine
photo of Allie  Kawata

Allie Kawata

University of the Pacific
Arthur A. Dugoni School of Denistry


photo of Quinton Wong

Quinton Wong

Western University
College of Podiatric Medicine


photo of Elena Granadino

Elena Granadino

Duke University
School of Nursing
photo of Lauren  Deats

Lauren Deats

Vanderbilt University
School of Nursing

Occupational Therapy

photo of Jillian  Fernandez

Jillian Fernandez

Boston University
Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Master of Public Health

photo of Emily  Brown

Emily Brown

University of Washington
School of Public Health