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Health Humanities explores the human condition of health from a variety of critical and creative perspectives. Health Humanities students are prepared for careers throughout the healthcare industry as well as in policy, administration, education, arts, and advocacy where health and health policy play a role. Each student has the opportunity to chart a path through the minor coursework that supports their intellectual curiosity, professional goals, and personal wellbeing.

Core courses are grounded in the humanities, whereas electives draw not only from the humanities but also from the arts, social sciences, and natural sciences so that the Health Humanities minor complements any undergraduate major and ensures that students build a complex understanding of what it means to be well in physical, mental, social, and cultural contexts.

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Program Co-Directors

Alex BayAlexander Bay is Associate Professor of History and Chair of History. As Co-Director of the Health Humanities minor, he'll be advising students and teaching the introductory class. He also teaches a social history of medicine course and is developing a team-taught course on medical histories and big data that will allow students to use case studies in history and big data in the social sciences to consider relationships between historical and scientific truths. His first book is Beriberi in Modern Japan, and he's currently working on second project concerning the history of the environmental impact on digestive system disorders entitled Nation from the Bottom Up: Disease, Toilets and Waste Management in Modern Japan.