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The women's and gender studies minor provides an overview of the interdisciplinary approaches to the study of women and gender inequality; cultural representations of women and their social roles; and the social axes of gender, race, class and sexuality. The minor provides students with a broad, interdisciplinary framework for analyzing social practices related to gender as well as the impact on their own lives.

The Women’s Studies Minor requires a total of 21 credits (12 of which must be upper-division):

  • 2 Core courses (6 credits) :  WMST 101 and WMST 498*

And 15 more credits (5 Electives) from the approved list of Women’s Studies courses (consisting of a wide array of interdisciplinary choices: see catalog for official list, linked below).

*Please note:  WMST 498 is only offered in the Spring semester.  The course should be taken one’s senior year, but may also be taken as a Junior (contact Prof. CK Magliola for permission number).

For more information about the women’s studies minor program, please email Professor CK Magliola.

To add the Women’s Studies Minor, fill out a Change of Major/Minor Form for your catalog year.

Completed forms can be submitted in person or emailed to registrar@chapman.edu via Panthermail.

Please note: Adding the Women’s Studies Minor does not require a signature from the department chair/program director.

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