Dr. Matthew Leifer

Dr. Matthew Leifer

Assistant Professor, Program Director for the Faculty of Physics
Schmid College of Science and Technology; Physics
Office Location: Hashinger Science Center 223
Phone: (714) 744-7985
University of Manchester, Bachelor of Science
University of Bristol, Ph.D.


I am interested in the quantum information theory and the foundations of quantum theory, and especially in topics at the intersection of the two areas.

I am an academic who straddles the line somewhere between mathematics, philosophy, and theoretical physics.  My main interests are in Quantum Information Theory and the Foundations of Quantum Theory.

Since January 2015, I have been an Assistant Professor of Physics at the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University, and a member of the Institute for Quantum Studies

I received my bachelors degree in Physics with Theoretical Physics from The University of Manchester in 1999, followed by a Masters of Advanced Study in Mathematics (Maths Tripos part III) from the Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge in 2000, where I was a member of Girton College.

I studied for my Ph.D. in the School of Mathematics at the Univeristy of Bristol(2000-2003) under the supervision of Prof. Noah Linden, where I was a member of the Quantum Computing Group.

After a brief stint as a research assistant at Bristol, I arrived at Perimeter Institute as a Postdoctoral Fellow in January 2004, where I worked until September 2006. From October 2006, I was a research associate in theCentre for Quantum Computation at the University of Cambridge for three months. In January 2007, I arrived back in Waterloo for a second postdoctoral position, in which I was affiliated with the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Applied Math at the University of Waterloo, and with the Perimeter Institute. The latter was due to a research grant from theFoundational Questions Institute.

Between April 2008 and August 2010, I was on leave of absence from work due to illness, after which I returned to work on a part time basis at University College London in the Quantum Information Group of the Physics and Astronomy department. Between December 2011 and August 2013, I was off work again due to illness. From August 2013 to December 2015, I returned to the Perimeter Institute as a long term visitor.

For further information about me, take a look at my CV, or download the pdf version. You can also view my Google Scholar profile.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

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