» Disability Studies Minor

The Disability Studies Minor provides an overview of the interdisciplinary study of disability across the domains of human experience. It allows students to explore the variety of approaches to understanding disability in personal, social, economic, artistic, and political contexts. The minor focuses on issues in the representation, history, and interpretation of disability as a social category of human difference rather than issues related to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of impairments. 

Required Courses (12 credits)  

  • IES 150/POSC Introduction to Disability Studies; Challenging Myths 150/PCST 160: of Normalcy  
  • PCST 239: People with Disabilities in Politics and Society  
  • IES 317: Disability, Families, and Society: Issues of Policy and Professional Support  
  • IES 413: Current Issues in Disability Studies and Services 

Elective Courses (9 credits, at least 3 credits must be UD):  

  • IES 103: Philosophy of Helping  
  • PCST 150: Introduction to Peace Studies  
  • HIST 233: Disability and American Life  
  • PHIL 314: Medical Ethics  
  • PHIL 319: Philosophy of Women/Women of Color  
  • POSC 354: Non-Violent Social Change  
  • CPSC 358: Assistive Technology  
  • SOC 385: Medical Sociology  
  • EDUC 399: Individual Study  
  • HIST 399: Individual Study and Research  
  • POSC 399: Individual Study and Research  
  • POSC 439: Disability, Policy, and the Law  
  • EDUC 471: Educating Diverse Learners in Inclusive Classrooms 


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Disability Studies