Disability Studies
Study of disability across the domains of human experience.

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Disabilty StudiesThe Disability Studies Minor provides an overview of the interdisciplinary study of disability across the domains of human experience. It allows students to explore the variety of approaches to understanding disability in personal, social, economic, artistic, and political contexts. The minor focuses on issues in the representation, history, and interpretation of disability as a social category of human difference rather than issues related to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of impairments. 

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What careers does a Disability Studies Minor equip you for?

  • Disability Advocacy Organizations
  • Legislative and Regulatory Affairs
  • Assistive Technology 
  • Social and Human Services Professional
  • Educational Institutions
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Inclusive Education Teacher
  • Direct Support Professional
  • Urban Planning
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Non-Profit Sector Jobs
  • Developmental Disabilities Case Manager
  • Researcher
  • Social Service Delivery
Taylor Hein '21
English Literature, Rhetoric, and Cultural Studies major; Holocaust History and Disability Studies double minor
"The Disability Studies minor has given me incredible insight into the legal, social, and the political dimensions of disability. As a result, I have been able to explore my own identity as a person with a disability and I have become empowered by my education to be a strong advocate for my community."

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Program Directors

Dr. Brian Glaser has taught at Chapman for seventeen years, all of them in the English Department. Brian GlaserHe have taught more than twenty different courses in writing and literature, and have created a number of original courses for Chapman students, including: Writing about the Global Human Rights Movement, Environmental Rhetoric, Writing about Taoism, and Poetry and Social Science. He has received at Chapman the Faculty Award for Curriculum Innovation in Sustainability Education (2012) and the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching (2019). Before coming to Chapman, he taught as a postdoc in the English Department at UC Berkeley and at universities in Mexico, Guatemala, Portugal and Germany.