» Advising at Chapman: A Guide

As a Chapman University student, you will find that your individual advising needs change over time. The advising services that Chapman offers you therefore take several different forms, and you may use them at different points in your education. The list below outlines the types of advising available to you and helps you connect directly with the offices and individuals that can best address your current academic planning questions.

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Professional Advising (Academic Advising Center)

Professional Advising is offered by the Academic Advising Center (AAC)

New Students (first-year and transfer) start the advising process through this office.

All students can contact the AAC for:

  • GE, degree planning, academic policy, registration
  • Program Evaluation interpretation
  • Undeclared major advising
  • Probation and dismissal counseling

Program Advisor

Program Advising is available from your major and minor program offices.

New Students will meet with program advisors and other majors during orientation and fall/spring term meetings.

All students can contact their program advisors for:

  • Major-specific and minor-specific advising – tracks, options, requirements
  • Four-year major plan
  • GE-major integration advising
  • Study abroad-major integration planning
  • Transfer policies for the major
  • Course registration issues
  • Petition and substitution approval
  • Post-graduate planning

Specialized Advising

Specialized Advising is available for students involved in specialized academic programs and academic support services.

All students can contact the office below for information on the programs they offer:

  • Study Abroad
  • University Honors
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-med/health
  • Internships
  • Disability Services
  • Tutoring, Learning, and Testing Center (process tutoring)
  • Promising Futures Program (first-generation students)
  • Secondary-school career path advising


Your Faculty Mentor will provide:

  • Personalized academic mentoring
  • Help with postgraduate planning – graduate/professional
  • Planning support for interdisciplinary programs and self-designed majors/minors