headshot photo of Tamiko Washington

Tamiko Washington

Associate Professor
Voice and Movement
College of Performing Arts; Department of Theatre
Expertise: Voice and Movement; Acting; American Noh Theatre
Office Location: Moulton Hall 135
Phone: 714-628-7219
Alliant International University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of California, Irvine, Master of Fine Arts


Professor Tamiko Washington holds an M.F.A. in Acting from the University of California, Irvine.  Her seventeen-year history as an accomplished actor, voice, and movement teacher lead her to originate American Noh Theatre based on the traditional movements of Japanese Noh Theatre and Suzuki Master Tadashi Suzuki.  Her proven effective vocal methodology can be accredited to her extensive study with Linklater and Fitzmaurice specialists such as Dudley Knight, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Isabel Kirk, Dennis Krausnick, Tina Packer, Christine Adaire, Keely Eastley, Margaret Jansen, Lisa Wolpe, Adrienne Johns, and Louis Colaianni.  She continues to perform her (twelve-year) highly acclaimed one-woman show (Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, OC Weekly, Logan Daily News, Kansas City News) Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacobs (adapted for the stage by Deanna Sidoli and Kent Kirkpatrick) with help from the Irvine Foundation and Pacific Bell Telesis Foundation.  Her performance of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet with Shakespeare Orange County in 2007 won critical acclaim in the Los Angeles Times.  She also has appeared in notable Actors’ Equity Association performances at South Coast Repertory, the Old Globe Theatre, the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Orange County, Stages Theatre, the Vanguard Theatre, and Pacific Theatre Ensemble, among others.  Her television credits include co-starring and guest artist roles in the television shows Pensacola, Silk Stalkings, High Tide, Extreme Blue, and Vanishing Son, and two Lifetime Movie Network films, Two Small Voices and Kidnapped.  She also can be seen in her supporting role as Anna Mae in the independent film A Few Breaths of Freedom

Professor Washington is a private vocal consultant in Los Angeles, California.  She is a professional respondent for the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival, Region VII, Circuits I and III.  In 2009, as a member of the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company she was honored, with the company, in receiving the Margaret Hartford Award for sustained excellence in theatre.  In 2005, she was awarded the Kennedy Center American/College Theatre Excellence in Education for her work at Chapman University.  In 2004, she was the recipient of the Achievement of Excellence in Teaching from Chapman University, and in 2001, the recipient  of the Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching, Creative Work, and Service especially for innovative teaching techniques and promoting successful award-winning performances at Chapman University.   She holds memberships in the Actors‘ Equity Association, the Screen Actors Guild, and VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association, Inc.).

Professor Washington’s philosophy of teaching includes three core principles for students in their quest for knowledge: 1) students must strive for excellence 2) students must remain teachable, and 3) students must “perform for something greater than themselves.”  These core principles govern her consistent approach to seeking, discovering, and implementing new and innovative techniques to ensure quality training in her teaching methodologies.

Directing Credits include: 
A new play titled Kvetcher in the Wry, Forum Theatre-Festival Arts (fall 2008), a new play titled Ode to Provence by Andrea Sloan Pink, Stages Theatre (spring 2009), Conversations Among the Ruins (KC/ACTF), Antigone, the Nixon Theatre (UCI), and UCI Undergraduate Scene Workshop (UCI)

Directing Credits at Chapman University include: 
Trojan Women, The School for Scandal (Oxford University Press approved adaptation for stage/publication by Tamiko Washington), A Night of Noh Theatre (Kantan, Hagoromo), He Who Gets Slapped, Ragged Dick (Neal Bell), Marisol, BFA Actor Showcase, Elizabeth Almost by Chance a Woman, Waiting for Godot (XXXV KC/ACTF finalist production), A Streetcar Named Desire, Atsumori & Ikuta (XXXII KC/ACTF finalist production)

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

On April 20, 2018, I coordinated a collaborative performance program entitled "A Glimpse into Moments of Grief" with Susan Key, INTERPLAY 2017-18 TRANSCENDINGS Coordinator, featuring Lexi Difilippo (Senior BFA Dance Student), Professor Liz Maxwell (Associate Professor of Dance), Julianne O'Brien (Chair of Department of Dance), and Tamiko Washington (Associate Professor of Theatre). Each artist shared moments of grief in three short movement and/or dance performances explored through western and eastern conceptual styles. The program included Mother (1923), choreographed by Isadora Duncan, restaged by Gemze de Lapee, music by Alexander Scriabin, Etude, Op. 2, No. 1, and performed by Liz Maxwell, Let me Lament, choreographed/restaged by Julianne O’Brien, music from “Lascia chi‘io pianga” from Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel, and performed by Lexi Difilippo, and Kinuta (Role of “The Wife:) by Zeami Motokiyo, choreographed and performed by Tamiko Washington to instrumental music “Moon” by Somei Satoh. The program also shared the stage with the artistic talents of Associate Professor of Voice,/Director of Vocal Studies, Rebecca Sherburn (vocalist for “Let me Lament”), and Associate Dean of the College of Performing Arts and recognized concert pianist, Dr. Louise Thomas (pianist for ”Let me Lament”). INTERPLAY is a “festival of music, culture, and ideas a collaborative venture of Chapman University and Pacific Symphony. With many events free and open to the public, the festival offers audiences a fascinating in-depth look at a particular facet of our culture that will entertain, enlighten, and illuminate and inspire.” The theme for the 2018-2019 festival “approached the world of the spirit.”
On July 20, 2018, I was invited to be a performing artist in a new YouTube Video entitled "Artist Portrait," which highlights and presents actors in character monologues that they would never be offered to portray by the film and theatrical industries in America. Chapman University Bachelor of Screen Acting Alumni Amir Malaklou (Current New York University Graduate Student) originated, produced, and directed the project, and Cort Carpenter (CEO and Managing Member of Bellicose Pictures) acted as camera operator. The video project is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2019.
On August 11, 2018, the independent film “Bummed” produced by Pulp Digital Productions (Producers: Ryan and Courtney Bergez) screened at the Hollywood Church of Christ at 600 North Rossmore Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004 to a full audience. The official trailer for “Bummed” is scheduled to be released on September 10, 2018. I portrayed the lead role of “Nancy” in the film.
In May, June, July, and August of 2018, I served as the Artistic Director and Producer of OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival. In its eighth year, OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival fully produced four new plays (Allegory of the Cave by Darren Andrew Nash, A Girl Smiles in the Arctic by Cambria Denim, Joey & Mare by Buddy Farmer, and The Mulberry Bush by James Colgan) by Orange County playwrights. The new play "Allegory of the Cave" by Darren Andrew Nash is a part of the National New Play Network: National Play Exchange, the world’s largest digital library of scripts by living writers whose aim is to promote the discovery of new playwrights and their works. The new play "A Girl Smiles in the Arctic" by Cambria Denim won first place in the Act One: One-Act Festival at the Secret Theatre in Long Island City, New York. The new play "Joey & Mare" by Buddy Farmer won first place in the ShowOff International Playwriting Competition at the Camino Real Playhouse in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The festival receives over three-hundred entrants annually. “The Mulberry Bush” received its first original read-thru and production at OC Centric 2018. As an update, in 2017, the production of “Celtic Knot” received Best New Play of Orange County by Theatre Critic Jordan Young.
OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival 2018 was able to employ four professional designers in the areas of Lighting, Costume, Scenic, and Sound, four professional Directors, one professional Props Master, two professional Costume Dressers, three Running Crew Members, eight Technicians, one Sound Board Operator, four Stage Managers (one being from Chapman University's BA in Theatre Technology program)---Cassie Archer), and fourteen actors from Los Angeles and Orange County (one being a Senior from Chapman's BFA in Screen Acting Performance Program). The festival performed from August 16-26 in the Moulton Hall Studio Theatre at Chapman University. Joel Beers, an acclaimed theatre critic of the OC Weekly, wrote a 2018 feature article about OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival and can be accessed at https://www.ocweekly.com/a-new-oc-centric-play-proves-that-shakespeare-isnt-dead-yet/. You can also access theatre critic Jordan Young’s-The Examiner Article about OC Centric at http://www.jordanryoung.com/2018/08/21/oc-centric-at-chapman-university-idol-minds-at-fullertons-stages/. Please visit our website at www.oc-centric.com. (Note: OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival 2018 received sixty-five new play submissions from playwrights who live or hail from Orange County, whereby four new plays were selected for production.)
In May of 2017, I was cast in the leading role of "Nancy" in the Independent Film "Bummed" by Pulp Digital Productions (Producers: Ryan and Courtney Bergez). The film shoot took place in Los Angeles, CA.
OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival 2017 was able to employ four professional designers in the areas of Lighting, Costume, Scenic, and Sound, three professional Directors, one professional Props Master, two professional Costume Dressers, three Running Crew Members, three Technicians, one Sound Board Operator, three Stage Managers (two being from Chapman University's BA in Theatre Technology program)---Jazmin Pollinger and Divya Putty), one Assistant Stage Manager, and thirty actors from Los Angeles and Orange County (two being Seniors from Chapman's BFA in Theatre Performance Program---Talia Goodman and McKenna Ryan). The festival performed from August 17-28 in the Moulton Hall Studio Theatre at Chapman University. The Orange County Weekly wrote a 2017 feature article about OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival and can be accessed at http://www.ocweekly.com/arts/oc-centric-new-play-festival-returns-to-showcase-local-productions-8344123. You can also access the website at www.oc-centric.com. (Note: OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival 2017 received forty-eight new play submissions from playwrights who live or hail from Orange County, whereby three new plays were selected for production.)
In May, June, July, and August of 2017, I served as the Artistic Director and Co-Producer of OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival. In its seventh year, OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival fully produced three new plays (Fair by Karly Thomas, Crimson by Sara Saenz, and Celtic Knot by Karen Fix Curry) by Orange County playwrights. The new play "Fair" by Karly Thomas won the 2016 Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival Undergraduate New Playwriting. Award. The new play "Crimson" by Sara Saenz was previously accepted into the Artist Development Workshop led by Chicago Playwright Calamity West and sponsored by Victory Gardens' Access Project, which is designed to include and involve people with disabilities in all aspects of theatre. The new play "Celtic Knot" by Karen Fix Curry previously received a Stage Reading at Long Beach Playhouse and is currently being considered for production by Ophelia's Jump Productions, which produces classic and modern plays in Upland, CA and Clarement, CA. This consideration stems from the Artistic Director of Ophelia's Jump Productions, Beatrice Casagran, seeing OC Centric's production in August 2017.
In May of 2016, I was commissioned by the Chance Theater (Artistic Director Oanh Nguyen) to direct a New Play Lab by their 2016 resident playwright, Jenny Connell Davis. The New Play Lab provides new playwrights with an opportunity to develop his/her new play via scriptural analysis by critically vetting conflict, plot, story, and character development that ultimately results in a developed new playscript. The New Play Lab allowed Ms. Davis to develop her new play titled “Alice and Frank," a quintessential argument about the creativity of art between Frank O'Hara, the infamous poet and curator of the Museum of Modern Art in the 1960s and Alice Neel, the controversial American painter, who is also identified as one of the greatest American painters of the 20th century, as well as "a pioneer among women artists." . Ms. Davis' plays have been developed and/or produced with The Playwrights Center, ScriptWorks, SPACE at Ryder Farm, Ars Nova, NAATCO, Theater MITU, Articulate Theatre, New York Stage and Film, Shrewd Productions, and The Gift Theatre, among others. She has been a finalist or semi-finalist for the Heideman, PlayPenn, Seven Devils, BAPF, the Nicholl Fellowship and the O'Neill, has performed in theaters throughout Chicago and Austin, and appeared as Joe in Geoff Marslett’s Loves Her Gun at SxSW. Jenny's short film, Fatakra, with writer/director Soham Mehta, played at over 75 festivals worldwide, including Toronto and SXSW, and was recognized with more than a dozen audience awards and jury prizes, including the Student Academy Award. She currently has screenplays in development with Maven Pictures and Circle of Confusion. Jenny is a Core Member of The Playwrights Center, and a proud alumna of Ars Nova Play Group, UT Austin's MFA Playwriting program, The School at Steppenwolf, the Court Theatre Resident Apprentice program, and The University of Chicago. "Alice and Frank" was performed on May 26 at 7:30pm, May 28 at 3:00pm, and May 29 at 7:00pm at the Chance Theater in Anaheim, California.
In February 2016, "The Case of Conrad Cooper," the International Short Film I Co-Directed, received Critics Choice in the Shorts Showcase competition presented by KCVR Public Television and was screened in March 2016 for KVCR's Award Winning Film series at the at the Mary Pickford Theatre in Cathedral City, California.
During Interterm 2016, I directed "A Flea in Her Ear," A New Version of Georges Feydeau's Farce by David Ives. This 208-hour commitment focused on researching and utilizing American Vaudevillian comedy to transform Georges Feydeau’s classic farce into a contemporary new version of riotous clandestine assignations. I also invested twenty-one hours to provide consistency feedback to actors. The production was performed in the Waltmar Theatre on February 19-20 and 25-27, 2016.
In the summer of 2016, I was the Artistic Director of OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival. The festival's mission is to produce new plays by Orange County playwrights. This year's festival, now in its sixth year, fully produced four new plays for production. The plays include two full-length plays: Love All by Lauren (Lojo) Simon and Night Moths on the Wing by Kimberly Kalaja, and two one-acts: Kill A Better Mousetrap by Scott K. Ratner and Left Behind, Waiting by Joshua David Vega. The festival hired four professional directors, two professional stage managers , two student stage managers, five professional designers (costume, lighting, scenic, sound, scenic artist), three student running crew members, and sixteen professional an student actors (featuring Chapman's Theatre majors Lena Romano, Jeremy Howard, Andrew Gandy, and Chapman Theatre Alumni Sean Burgos and K.C. Marie Pandell). Actors Circle Ensemble (Tamiko Washington) and Eric Eberwein (Artistic Director of Orange County's Playwrights Alliance) produce the festival. The festival has become the premiere new play festival in the Orange County Theatre community. Joel Beers, a highly respected and recognized OC Weekly theatre critic states, "Some like to pontificate that it takes 10 years to firmly establish yourself in any setting. That, of course, is kind of stupid, since it didn't take Mike Trout a decade to become major league baseball's best player, and it only took Henry Vi eight months to become King of England--at the age of eight months. And it hasn't taken a decade for Orange County's lone theater festival that focuses on new and original plays from current or transplanted Orange Countians to forge a name for itself. Now in its sixth year, OC-Centric will feature two original full-length plays and two one-acts receiving fully realized productions during the two-weekend festival at Chapman University's Moulton Theatre."
In the summer of 2016, I directed the new one-act play "Kill A Better Mousetrap" by Scott K. Ratner. The play was performed in OC Centric Orange County's New Play Festival 2016 at Chapman University. Recognized theatre critic Jordan R. Young of Examiner.com wrote, "The one-act program is a treat. Scott K. Ratner’s “Kill a Better Mousetrap” concerns the longest-running play in theatre history, a chestnut of questionable merit perpetrated by Agatha Christie. It’s a wild ride that gives Sean Burgos the opportunity for a manic rant of epic proportions, with the director’s reins in the inspired hands of Tamiko Washington."
During the fall of 2015, I was invited by Dr. Theresa Dudeck to participate as a performer in the Staged Reading of "Katrina: The K Word" by Lisa S. Brenner and Suzanne M. Trauth. This Staged Reading was part of a nationwide Activism Project to connect theatre with civic engagement to honor the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Participants that produced/performed this project include Chapman University, Augustana College, Texas Tech University, the University of San Diego, and Walla Walla University in 2015. Casting included professional and student actors performing multiple roles. I performed multiple roles including the role of Vivie, the narrator of "Katrina: The K Word." The Stage Reading was directed by Connor Duffy, a graduating Bachelor of Arts Theatre Studies major, under the supervision/coordinator of Dr. Theresa Dudeck. The Staged Reading was performed on September 21-23 at 7:30pm in the Moulton Hall Studio Theatre, Room 149. "Talk Backs" with the audience followed each performance.