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Access to data contained in these reports is aligned with your reporting security (accounts/programs/projects) as defined in the PeopleSoft Financial system. If you do not currently have PeopleSoft access but would like reporting access, please open a service desk ticket and include the accounts, programs or projects requested as well as the approval from the Dean or Budget Manager in that area. Completion of Panther Analytics Training is not required for Finance reports but is highly recommended.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Storyboard provides the ability to look up paid/unpaid statuses for invoices by department, vendor, and invoice number. Drilldown on paid vouchers for payment references.


The reports contained in the Budget Storyboard include budget summary/details for pre-encumbrances, encumbrances, commitment control (KK) actuals and spending availability as well as trended budget data and budget comparison reports. Please note that some reports may use ‘KK Actuals’ and others may use ‘Actuals’ which represent the General Ledger Actuals.


The reports contained in the Finance Storyboard include Chartfield Lists, Workflow Routing, Actuals Summarized by Fund and Trended Actuals. All Actuals are General Ledger (GL) Actuals which are used for Financial Reporting.


The Location Storyboard includes program and project data with location attributes. You will need access to the appropriate programs and projects in order to view the data.

Student Financials

The Student Financials story board displays student financial detail data by date ranges. Access is restricted. Please open a service desk ticket and include the approval from the Dean or Budget Manager. Completion of FERPA is also required.


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Data Use

Data derived from the Panther Analytics reports are for internal use only and should NOT be reported to outside agencies. Panther Analytics reports are updated once a day and currently do not populate with official census data. Only census data should be used for external reporting. Census data can be found in the Institutional DataMart or by contacting Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS).