» Panther Analytics - Diversity and Inclusion Reports

Student Diversity Trend Comparisons

The Student Diversity Trend Comparisons story board visualizes comparisons of the ethnic and gender diversity of the degree-seeking and enrolled student population according to multiple dimensions such as time, undergraduate vs graduate, and by college.  This is a limited-access story board.

Student Plan Diversity

These Student Plan Diversity reports show a 5-year trend for the gender and ethnicity of students in a plan. Only students who were officially enrolled in the term are included. Plans with very few students may not appear.

Data Use

Data derived from the Panther Analytics reports are for internal use only and should NOT be reported to outside agencies. Panther Analytics reports are updated once a day and currently do not populate with official census data. Only census data should be used for external reporting. Census data can be found in the Institutional DataMart or by contacting Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS).