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Class Alerts

Class Alerts shows three lists of class sections which might require attention. Classes Missing Faculty is a list of classes with no instructor assigned. Active sections which are Lecture, Lab, Activity, Directed Teaching, Electronic Instruction, Hybrid, Fieldwork, Performance Workshops, Private Instruction, Reading and Conference, Project Thesis, Thesis, or Travel courses are included.

Classes with Low Enrollment is a list of classes with fewer than 10 students which might be subject to cancellation. The number of students enrolled reflects the combined total if the section is cross-listed with other sections. Only Lecture, Lab, Activity, Directed Teaching, Electronic Instruction, Hybrid, Fieldwork, Performance Workshops, Project Thesis, Thesis, and Travel Courses are included.

Classes Over-Enrolled is a list of classes whose number of enrolled students exceeds the section capacity (initial number of empty seats) of the class. Students are sometimes enrolled beyond the section capacity if the student is signed in by an instructor, or by an override through the Registrar's Office. However, the count of enrolled students can never exceed the room capacity. The Classes Over-Enrolled list includes only active sections which are Lecture, Lab, Activity, Directed Teaching, Electronic Instruction, Hybrid, Fieldwork, Performance Workshop, Project Thesis, Thesis, or Travel classes.

Class Rosters

Class Rosters is an SSRS report displaying first a list of classes in an academic org for a term, then a list of students when the user clicks on a section. The student list by default loads Enrolled (including Withdrawn) students, which the user can change to include Dropped and/or Waitlisted students if applicable, similar to the Class Roster in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Students who removed or dropped the class prior to the first day of the term are not included.

The data is usually updated every morning. The exact time is marked in the header area. If more up-to-date registration data is needed, department assistants can access the class roster directly in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Faculty will find rosters for classes they are teaching in the my.chapman.edu Faculty Center.

Class Schedule

The Class Schedule story board contains two reports: Class Schedule Download and Class Schedule Table. The Class Schedule Download report displays course information for all courses within the selected department, such as class number, room capacity, section capacity, number of enrollments and waitlists, credits, meeting pattern, faculty name, etc. The Class Schedule Table report displays course enrollment totals, waitlist totals, section/room capacity (number and percentage). This report can be filtered down to the course type.

Course Enrollment by First Time or Continuing Status

The Course Enrollment by First Time or Continuing Status report is intended to help academic departments determine how many seats and seat reservations may be needed for an upcoming term. The user can select a historical term and obtain the total number of students that were enrolled, whether it was their first term in the program or they were a continuing student, and whether the new students were high school or transfer admits. Students listed in the “other” category are usually permit to register students. These counts are as of our census date after the end of the fourth week of term. Sections created for transcripting classes taken through study abroad programs have been excluded from these counts. Travel courses offered by Chapman University are included.

Registration Comparative-General

The Registration Comparative story board contains two reports: Registration Trend by Course and Registration Trend by Department. The Registration Trend by Course report allows the user to select a specific course and see the number of students enrolled and waitlisted for all sections on the first day of the term and on the 14th day of the term (after the add/drop deadline) over multiple terms. The Registration Trend by Department report provides a chart of either actively enrolled or waitlisted students on the 14th day for all classes within a department. These reports can be used to forecast enrollment and waitlist numbers. 

Waitlist Analysis

The Waitlist Analysis story board displays course information such as the waitlist total, enrollment total, section capacity, and open seats. By selecting "Interaction" the section information by course and waitlisted student information is displayed. Please note that only courses with a waitlist will be displayed.

Data Use

Data derived from the Panther Analytics reports are for internal use only and should NOT be reported to outside agencies. Panther Analytics reports are updated once a day and currently do not populate with official census data. Only census data should be used for external reporting. Census data can be found in the Institutional DataMart or by contacting Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS).