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The Panopto Desktop Recorder, available for both Mac and Windows desktop and laptop computers, allows Chapman faculty and staff to record screencast, audio, and video feeds from devices connected to their computer and merge them into a synchronized recording with multiple panes, one pane for each recorded source. It is most often used for creating content for students to view outside of class, but the Panopto Desktop Recorder can be used any time a screencast, possible integrated with other video sources, needs to be created. Resulting recordings can either be shared via the Panopto server or exported as an mp4 and shared via some other means. For course-related recordings, Panopto makes it easy to share just with the students enrolled in the course. The installer for the recorder can be downloaded using the links below.

Available To:

Chapman University faculty only, on:

  • Personally Owned Device or Computer
  • Chapman University-owned computer

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How To Get a Copy

The Panopto Desktop Recorder offers installers for Mac and Windows operating systems. The specific installer you should use is based on the version of Mac or Windows on the computer on which you plan to install Panopto. For either platform, during installation, you will be prompted to enter the address of the Panopto server used for Chapman: chapman.hosted.panopto.com.

For Chapman-owned Devices

If you are an admin on the computer, you can install the Panopto Desktop Recorder using the same links below for personally-owned devices. If not, you can use the Chapman Self Service portal to download and run the installer.

Instructions for using the Chapman Self Service portal (for Mac computers)

Instructions for using the Chapman Self Service portal (for Windows computers) [link coming soon]

For Personally-owned Devices

You can download the Panopto Desktop Recorder installer to your device using the following links:

Mac (10.10 or later)

Windows 32 bit

Windows 64 bit

Customer Support

For questions, issues, or for further assistance please contact the IS&T Service Desk 714-997-6600.

License Type:

Chapman has a site license.

Operating Systems supported:

Windows and Mac

Important Notes

Once you leave Chapman University, you must remove ALL Site-licensed software from your personal computers.