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Learning Remotely

We know the recent shift of learning platform and environment can be difficult. We hope there can be a great deal of patience from all as everyone gets used to new technologies and learning formats. Here are some resources and tools to help with learning remotely.

Please note that some students were accidentally given Zoom Pro licenses during the month of March. Those licenses have now been repurposed since they were intended for faculty. If you were a student affected by this change, please see the following document for alternatives: Online meeting options for students.

Important Things to Know About Learning Remotely

The use of technology will be crucial during this time, and many of you will feel the burden of learning different technologies. We hope you can take a moment to help yourself learn some of the technologies and new strategies your instructors will be using (also, see Chapman's Coronavirus news updates for students). Please review the following:

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Maintaining Communication with Your Instructors

Email and Canvas and Blackboard

If your instructors have not been using Blackboard or Canvas, email is the best method of communication to begin with. However, you will notice more and more of your instructors using one of the two learning management systems extensively for teaching. In order to make sure you don't miss anything, we suggest you download the student apps for the two systems.

Canvas: iOS Canvas App or Google Play Canvas App

Blackboard: iOS Blackboard App or Google Play Blackboard App

Turn on Notifications in Canvas and Blackboard

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll want to make sure you turn on your notifications to receive instant communications.

Turning on Canvas Notifications (documentation) [Canvas Notifications Video]

Turning on Blackboard Notifications (documentation) [Blackboard Notifications Video)


Navigating Canvas and Blackboard

Instructors will probably make more extensive use of their preferred Learning Management System (LMS). Some of you will be using both Canvas and Blackboard. Luckily, there are extensive guides for both. Here are some links to the guides and helpful videos to help you if you're not familiar with either system.


Canvas Student Overview (video)

Canvas Student Guides (documentation) or Canvas Student Guides (video)


Student Getting Started on Blackboard (documentation)

Student Guides (documentation) or Blackboard Student Guides (video)


Using Video Conference Platforms (Zoom, Canvas Conference, Teams, Google Meet)

We have different types of video conferences available. Here are the ones that will be most used during this time of remote instruction. If your instructor will be using any of these platforms, please take a minute to learn how to use it.


Access: Zoom can be accessed in different ways, including through an individual link or through a menu item in Canvas. The first time you click, the link will have you automatically download the Zoom app depending on your device. Read Downloading Zoom (see mobile downloads at bottom).

Controls: Zoom Attendee Controls (documentation based on platform) or Zoom controls [Video]

Canvas Conference

Access: Canvas Conferences are only found within Canvas and can only be accessed by the people in a course, group, or den through the "Conferences" link in the left-hand navigation. Here is the instructor and student view of the conference dashboard.

Controls: Canvas Conferences is powered by Big Blue Button. Here is an Overview of the Big Blue Button Video Conference Screen [Video].


Although there will be few instructors using Microsoft Teams, here is a start guide for using Teams. Using Microsoft Teams Meetings [Video].

Google Meet

Google Meet will require your instructor to use your email to create a meeting. You can try Google Meet yourself by using this link: Google Meet.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser

Some of your instructors will require you to download a special browser to take their tests and quizzes on Blackboard and Canvas. Please refer to the following resources in order to download the browser.

Information and steps for downloading Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser product information (including system requirements)


Free Home Internet Offers For Learning Remotely

Loaner Equipment

All students requesting loaner laptops and other equipment need to contact the Dean of Students Office directly at DOS@chapman.edu. All requests will be evaluated by the Dean of Students and coordinated with the department of Information Systems and Technology (IS&T). Please do not send loaner equipment requests directly to IS&T.

Other Online Resources


Please visit the IS&T System Status page for update to date announcements and information regarding planned and unplanned system outages and service interruptions.