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Frequently Asked Questions for Two-Step Verification

Chapman University now offers ePay two-step verification for eRefund account and personal profile changes.

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+ - What is Two-Step Verification for ePay accounts?

Two-step verification is enhanced security for students and Panther Partner Authorized Users ePay Accounts. The added layer of security will require a combination of factors, a user log in and a verification code for ePay Refund and Personal Profile email address changes.

+ - Why do I need Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification on eRefund accounts is the most effective way to protect your refund account from unauthorized changes. 

+ - How do I enroll in Two-Step Verification?

Signing up is easy, just login to your ePay account and visit the Security Settings on the Home Page. After your security settings are complete, you will be prompted to input a verification code when updating an eRefund account or email address under your personal profile.

Student Instructions

PDF Instructions - Students

Panther Partner Authorized User Instructions

+ - What happens if I don't set up Two-Step Verification?

Two-step verification is for your protection. Students without an ePay refund account will not be able to receive electronic refunds.

+ - How does Two-Step Verification work?

Anytime you log into your ePay account and make a change to your eRefund or personal profile you will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to your phone or email. You may also use Google Authenticator to receive verification codes.

+ - Can I receive the verification code in my Chapman email account?

For your protection the University does not recommend using your primary Chapman email account for verification. ePay will not allow a student to use an @chapman.edu email address for verification.

If you would like email verification codes, please use an alternate email address. 

+ - Do I have to receive the codes on my phone?

No, you may also have verification codes sent to an email address or use the Google Authenticator App.

+ - What if my phone is lost or stolen?

Having a backup verification method will allow you to receive the verification code by another method. You can then update your verification methods. 

If you would like to remove or reset your security settings, please contact ePay@chapman.edu

+ - How do I reset my Security Settings?

If you would like to remove or reset your security settings, please contact ePay@chapman.edu.

+ - Do I need a new code every time I log into ePay?

No, you will only be prompted to input verification codes when updating an eRefund account or making a change to an email address in your Personal Profile.

+ - Contact us

If  you would like assistance, please contact the ePay help desk at (714) 997-6838 or ePay@chapman.edu.