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Argyros Forum Student Union

» Welcome to the Argyros Forum Student Union!

At nearly 20,000 sq. ft, the Argyros Forum Student Union is the living room of campus. The facility is located on the first floor of Argyros Forum at the center of the University’s beautiful campus. The cultural, educational, entertainment, and social programs, resources, and services provided through the Student Union are designed to complement the overall educational experience at the university and cultivate students':

  • connection to the Chapman community,
  • knowledge of on-campus involvement opportunities,
  • investment in school spirit and pride, and
  • understanding of the diversity within the Chapman student community.

Union Dining

The Student Union provides students with a variety of options for food, drinks, and on-the-go snacks!  Einstein's Bagels, Jamba Juice, Qdoba, and Subversions are open throughout the week.

Union Entertainment

The Student Union offers a diverse array of events and gatherings throughout the year including Sports in the Union, film screenings, music performances, and various collaborations with student organizations. 

Union Gallery

The Argyros Forum Student Union Gallery provides a space to celebrate Chapman student life and encourage critical thought. We invite you to view our four exhibit spaces, located in the main hallways of the Student Union. The exhibits change on a monthly basis.

Union Services

The Student Union provides services to help increase productivity and enhance the overall student experience outside of the classroom.

Global Citizens Wall

The Global Citizens Wall, located near the information desk, encourages critical thinking and perspective taking on major news events.  Use this space to deliberate with your peers on things that matter to you!

Take a Look Around the Student Union

Use our 360-degree tour to see more of the Student Union.

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