» How to Mark a Book

There are many ways to mark a book intelligently.  Here are a few of the more common techniques:

  1. Underlining of major points and important or forceful statements.
  2. Vertical lines at the margin to emphasize a statement already underlined.
  3. Star or asterisk at the margin to be used sparingly to emphasize the ten or twenty most important statements in the book.
  4. A fold (dog-ear) on the bottom corner of a page which has especially useful information.
  5. Numbers at the margin to indicate the sequence of points an author makes in developing his argument.
  6. Numbers of other pages in the margins to indicate where else relevant points have been made to tie the ideas together.
  7. Circling of key words or phrases.
  8. Writing in the margin, or at the top or bottom of the page for the sake of recording questions and answers which a passage may have raised in your mind, reducing a complicated discussion to a single statement, recording a sequence of major points, etc.  You may use the endpapers of a book for a similar purpose.