» Clubs & Organizations

What does it mean to join a club or organization? Especially one you don’t know much about? Or why take the time to go to afternoon or late night meetings? 

Through Student Organizations, we encourage student involvement, student leadership development, and life experiences that will develop beneficial personal & professional skills. We strive to:

  • Challenge and enhance one’s experiences and level of activeness
  • Nurture a sense of purpose and responsibility
  • Create goals and an understanding of how to realistically fulfill missions
  • Provide support to foster continuous growth and improvement
  • Help organizations and individuals navigate campus resources, policies, and procedures
  • Establish time management a skills and cultivate commitment
  • Develop connections between students, faculty, and staff

Through involvement in Student Organizations, you will gain experience that teaches relevant career skills, an understanding of true citizenship and personal responsibility that will help maintain a more engaged and caring world. 

What we do

Our team coordinates the registration process for new & returning organizations at Chapman University and provides services for student organizations to assist them with event planning, leadership development, and membership recruitment. 

Categories of Student Orgs

We have many types of student organizations including the below:
  • Academic & Professional
  • Honor Societies
  • Civic Engagement
  • Diversity & Cultural
  • Leisure & Special Interest
  • Performance & Arts
  • Recreation, Fitness, & Wellness
  • Religious & Spiritual
  • Graduate