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Violations of Chapman University policies have a direct relation to the Student Conduct code and may be subject to conduct review. Listed below are violations of Chapman University policies that can be found in the Student Conduct Code. Click on the tabs below to view the corresponding policies and violations.

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+ - Computer and Network Violations

The University's computing and network systems and services, "Chapnet", are a University-owned resource and business tool to be used only by authorized persons for educational purposes and to carry out the legitimate business of the University. Individual Chapnet user accounts are created and removed according to the guidelines stated in the Chapnet Account Policies document. 

+ - Electronic Media Violations

The misuse of electronic media devices is prohibited, including but not limited to: using camera and/or video enabled cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, data storage devices, personal DVD players, cameras, printers, computers, computer lines/networks or computing facilities:

a. Disrupt classroom or any other academically related proceedings.

b. Engage in any form of academic dishonesty.

c. Send, view, or obtain illegal or abusive messages, photos, video, or view obscene or pornographic material on University equipment or network, University office or classroom setting.

d. Engage in any form of harassment, and/or discrimination.

e. Unauthorized use of electronic or other devices to make an audio, photo, or video record of any person(s) without prior knowledge, or without effective consent when such recording is likely to cause injury or distress.  This includes, but not limited to, surreptitiously taking pictures of another in a locker room or bathroom.

f. Students may also be subject to conduct charges if it is brought to the University’s attention that they had placed or distributed material via electronic media (e.g., on-line social networks like Facebook and MySpace, websites, blogs, e-mails, IM, CDs, DVDs, etc) that violates the Code.

(Found on pg. 16 of Student Conduct Code)

+ - Failure to Comply

Students who fail to comply with directions or requests of University officials, including, but not limited to student volunteers and student employees, Public Safety officers, law enforcement officers, or contract service vendors (e.g. Sodexo and Follett) acting in performance of their duties, will be referred to conduct review. Further, students who willfully resist, delay, or obstruct University officials in the discharge or attempts to discharge the duty of their office or employment will also be referred to conduct review.

(Note: See also pg. 16 of Student Conduct Code and Student Conduct Process section).

+ - Property Damage/ Vandalism

Destruction, damage, misuse, and/or defacing of University, personal, or public property is prohibited.

Note: It is strongly recommended that students purchase private insurance for their personal possessions as the University will not be responsible for reimbursing or requiring others to reimburse a student for destruction, damage, misuse, and/or defacing of their personal property (See pg. 22 of Student Conduct Code).

+ - Residential Life Violations

It is prohibited to violate the policies and procedures outlined in the Chapman Residential Living License Agreement, and/or established University policies or procedures governing residence in University owned or administered property (See Appendix 4: Housing and Residence Life Policies and Procedures and pg. 22 of Student Conduct Code).

+ - Restaurant Services Violations

The following behaviors are prohibited:

a. Students on the meal plan (not Panther Bucks) obtaining food or beverage for other students or guests without the prior approval of restaurant services management.

b. Using another student’s identification card for the purpose of obtaining food or beverage without the prior approval of restaurant services management.

c. Removing china, silverware, and glassware from any campus dining or restaurant facility.

d. Removing food from an in-service dining operation.

e. Failing to return dishes to the dish return area.

f. Gaining access without paying entrance fee.

(Found on pg. 22 of Student Conduct Code)

+ - Telecommunications Violations

The following behaviors are prohibited:

a. Tapping telephone or cable television line.

b. Altering or accessing another's phone voice mailbox without permission.

c. Harassing by telephone (e.g. annoying or threatening behavior, or violating any restraining order).

d. Theft of telephone service (e.g., unauthorized use of the University’s or another's telephone or personal security code).

+ - Other Violations

Violation of any other published University policies, rules or regulations, including those implemented during the academic year.

Note:  Responsibility is not diminished for acts in violation of the Code that are committed under the influence of any illegal drugs or controlled substances such as alcohol.

+ - Violation of Law

Any charge of violation, or actual violation of federal, state, or local laws may subject a student to the University conduct process. 

View the attached PDF for more information. 

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