» Recommended Classes for First-Year Pre-Pharmacy Majors

Here are the classes that we recommend you take during your first year as a Pre-Pharmacy major at Chapman. 

You must be enrolled in 12 credits to be considered a full-time status student. The recommended courses below will put you at 15-18 credits per semester (fall and spring). 

Introductory Math Requirement

First year students must either waive or complete Math 101/L in their first semester. For more information, visit our Math Placement webpage

AP Scores

If you have AP credit in the following areas, make the appropriate substitutions for fall:

4 in AP Calculus A/B: Take Math 203 (Statistics) in the fall instead of MATH 110

3 in AP Calculus B/C: Take MATH 203 (Statistics) in the fall instead of MATH 110

5 in AP Biology: Take BIOL 208 (Genetics with lab) in the fall instead of BIO 204

4 in AP Statistics and AP Calculus, take Economics 200 or 201 in the fall

Fall Semester

Pre-Pharmacy is part of the block scheduling program.  You will select your block via the block scheduling survey (June 6 - June 10)and will be pre-registered in BIO 204/L, CHEM 140/L, and MATH 110 unless you AP out of those classes.  Instructions for choosing a block schedule will come to your Chapman email.  You will add PHRM 100 and COM 102 (or an alternate class) during the regular registration period in early July.

MATH 110 (Block Scheduled)
Credits: 3

Note: Instructions on the math placement process are available on our Math Placement webpage.

BIO 204/204L (Block Scheduled)
Credits: 4

CHEM 140/140L (Block Scheduled)
Credits: 4

COM 102
Credits: 3

PHRM 100
Credits: 1

Spring Semester

BIO 208/208L 
Credits: 4

CHEM 150/150L
Credits: 4

ENG 103
Credits: 3

BIO 210/210L
Credits: 4

MATH 203
Credits: 3

Dr. Brown will contact you via your Chapman email to let you know how to sign up for the group Zoom summer advising sessions specific to the Pre-Pharmacy program.  In addition, you will complete an online Chapman advising module.  Many items in the online, self-paced Chapman advising portal do not apply to Pre-Pharmacy students, so an additional advising session is needed.