» Recommended Classes for First-Year Software Engineering Majors

Here are the classes that we recommend you take during your first year as a Software Engineering major at Chapman. 

For your first semester, we recommend taking 12-15 credits (most classes are 3 credits; those with labs are 4). You must be enrolled in 12 credits to be considered a full-time status student.  

Introductory Math Requirement

First year students must either waive or complete Math 101/L (Calculus Readiness) in their first semester. For more information, visit our Math 101 webpage

General Education Classes 

You can choose a General Education (GE) class from any GE category – it’s your choice. In general, the following GE areas are recommended to begin/complete during your first year:

  • GE Language Study (strongly recommended)
  • GE Written Inquiry
  • GE Quantitative Inquiry (This can be satisfied with Math 110, Math 111, MATH 115 or appropriate AP credit)

Note: Some GE courses may “double count” with your major or minor. Students can share up to 9 credits between major and GE requirements and can share up to 6 credits between minor and GE requirements. Visit the General Education Program site to review the GE policies and see a list of approved courses for each GE area.

You can learn more about general education on our General Education: How it Works page.

AP Scores 

If you have AP credit for the following areas, make the appropriate substitutions this fall:

4 or higher AP Calculus AB

or a 3 in Calculus BC 

Take Math 111 in the Fall instead of Math 110

4 or higher AP Calculus BC  

Take MATH 116 in the Spring instead of Math 115 in the Fall


Fall Semester


FFC 100B - Grand Challenges
Credits: 3

Note: All first-year students at Chapman have to take First Year Foundations in their first year of enrollment. It is recommended you enroll in this class in the first semester as a larger number of course sections are available in the Fall semester. As a Software Engineering major, you must select an FFC 100B option from the Schmid and Fowler Colleges’ Grand Challenges in Science and Engineering category.

MATH 110 - Single Variable Calculus I or MATH 115 - Accelerated Calculus Part I 
Credits: MATH 110: 3 Credits and Math 115: 4 Credits  

Note: Majors must complete one of the two calculus course sequences offered:

Option 1: Math 110 (3 credits) + Math 111 (3 credits) + Math 210 (3 credits)

Option 2: Math 115 (4 credits) + Math 116 (4 credits) 

CPSC 230 - Computer Science I
Credits: 3

ENGR 101 - Foundations of Design and Fabrication
Credits: 3

CPSC 298 - Intro to Nix
Credits: 1

Note: Intro to Nix is sections 1, 2, or 3. 

Any GE class/minor exploration (optional)
Credits: 3

Spring Semester


SCI 150 - Grand Challenges in Science I 
Credits: 1

CPSC 231 - Computer Science II
Credits: 3

MATH 111 - Single Variable Calculus II OR MATH 116 - Accelerated Calculus Part II 
Credits: MATH 111: 3 Credits and Math 116: 4 Credits  

MATH 250 - Discrete Mathematics I 
Credits: 3

Any GE class/minor exploration
Credits: 3

Any GE class/minor exploration (optional)
Credits: 3