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Strategic Marketing and Communications

photo of Esther Choi
Esther Choi
Account Manager
(714) 997-6582
photo of Drew Farrington
Drew Farrington
Account Manager
(714) 289-3142
photo of Gina Madson
Gina Madson
Account Manager
(714) 744-7961
photo of Carl  Minor
Carl Minor
Account Manager
(714) 628-7214
photo of Heidi Negrete
Heidi Negrete
Production and Operations Coordinator
(714) 289-7957
photo of Angela  Ruiz
Angela Ruiz
Administrative Assistant
(714) 997-6661

Creative Services

photo of Jeff Brouwer
Jeff Brouwer
Director of Creative Services
(714) 628-7314
photo of Rosalinda Monroy
Rosalinda Monroy
Art Director
(714) 997-6799
photo of Ryan Tolentino
Ryan Tolentino
Senior Graphic Designer
(714) 628-7310
photo of Ivy Viado
Ivy Viado
Junior Graphic Designer
(714) 289-3108

Institutional Event Management

photo of Char  Williams
Char Williams
Director of Institutional Events
photo of Craig Brown
Craig Brown
Theatre Tech III
photo of Kelly Cooke
Kelly Cooke
Assistant Director of Institutional Events
(714) 997-6811
photo of Maria  Coronado
Maria Coronado
Events Coordinator
(714) 997-6812
photo of Brian Fujii
Brian Fujii
Theatre Tech III
photo of Sonya  Hall
Sonya Hall
Events Scheduling Coordinator
(714) 744-7061
photo of Maggie Heimann
Maggie Heimann
Events Coordinator
(714) 744-7092
photo of James Park
James Park
Theatre Tech II
photo of Brittany Rodriguez
Brittany Rodriguez
Associate Director of Academic Events
(714) 628-7393
photo of Brandi  Valentine
Brandi Valentine
University Phone Operator
(714) 997-6506

Panther Productions

photo of Pamela Ezell
Pamela Ezell
Director/Senior Producer
(714) 289-3149
photo of Kali Baker-Johnson
Kali Baker-Johnson
Video Editor
(714) 628-7249
photo of Gerald Carter
Gerald Carter
Production Coordinator
(714) 289-3160
photo of Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia
Digital Art & Animation Specialist
(714) 289-3189
photo of Victor Lee
Victor Lee
(714) 289-7249
photo of Julie (Jules) Paholio
Julie (Jules) Paholio
Assistant Editor & Videographer
(714) 289-3170
photo of Heather Schlossnagle
Heather Schlossnagle
(714) 289-3176

Public Relations

photo of Sheri Ledbetter
Sheri Ledbetter
Interim Director of Media and Public Relations
(714) 289-3143
photo of Dennis Arp
Dennis Arp
Public Relations Editor
(714) 997-6607
photo of Dawn Bonker
Dawn Bonker
Public Relations Writer
(714) 628-2813
photo of Bethanie Le
Bethanie Le
Public Relations Assistant
(714) 744-7677

Web and Interactive Marketing

photo of David May
David May
Director of Web and Interactive Marketing
(714) 628-2827
photo of Tom Atwell
Tom Atwell
Lead Developer
(714) 628-2704
photo of Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
Web and Email Marketing Specialist
(714) 299-3147
photo of Wai dela Cruz
Wai dela Cruz
UX/UI Designer
photo of Michelle Leslie
Michelle Leslie
Interactive Marketing Specialist
(714) 289.3128
photo of Ross Loehner
Ross Loehner
Web Content Manager
(714) 289-3105
photo of Mirabel Rice
Mirabel Rice
Web Technology Specialist
(714) 997-6724
photo of CJ  Simonson
CJ Simonson
Web & Communications Coordinator For Science Programs
(714) 997-6580
photo of Aaron Singh
Aaron Singh
Web Coordinator
(714) 289-3148

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