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Strategic Marketing and Communications

» Strategic Marketing and Communications Team

Office of the Vice President

photo of Jamie Ceman
Jamie Ceman
Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Communications
(714) 997-6722
photo of Stephanie Brewer
Stephanie Brewer
Executive Assistant
(714) 997-6722
photo of Brandi  Valentine
Brandi Valentine
Department Assistant
(714) 997-6506
no photo available for Anton  Bartolic
Anton Bartolic
Operations Assistant
(714) 516-5790

Communications Team

photo of Pamela Ezell
Pamela Ezell
Assistant Vice President of Communications
(714) 289-3129

Content Marketing

no photo available for Heera Kang
Heera Kang
Director of Content Strategy
(714) 289-3174
photo of Dennis Arp
Dennis Arp
Senior Editor
(714) 997-6607
photo of Dawn Bonker
Dawn Bonker
Senior Writer
(714) 628-2813
photo of Brittany Hanson
Brittany Hanson
Communications Specialist, Development
(714) 516-6165
no photo available for Stephanie House
Stephanie House
Communications Specialist – Campus
(714) 289-3179
photo of Robyn Norwood
Robyn Norwood
(310) 415-6865
photo of Aaron Singh
Aaron Singh
(714) 289-3196

Public Relations

photo of Bethanie Le
Bethanie Le
Public Relations Assistant
(714) 744-7677

Creative Services Team

Photography and Video

no photo available for Justin Swindle
Justin Swindle
Visual Content Director
(714) 289-3173
photo of Heather Breen
Heather Breen
Broadcast and Digital Media Manager
(714) 289-3176
photo of Gerald Carter
Gerald Carter
Senior Production Coordinator
(714) 289-3160
photo of Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garcia
Digital Art & Animation Specialist
(714) 289-3189
photo of Julie (Jules)  Paholio
Julie (Jules) Paholio
Assistant Editor & Videographer
(714) 289-3170

Print and Graphic Design

photo of Rosalinda  Monroy
Rosalinda Monroy
Art Director
(714) 997-6799
photo of Alex  Quintanilla
Alex Quintanilla
Junior Graphic Designer
(714) 289-3193
photo of  Ryan  Tolentino
Ryan Tolentino
Senior Graphic Designer
(714) 628-7310
photo of  Ivy  Viado
Ivy Viado
Junior Graphic Designer
(714) 289-3108

Marketing and Digital Team

photo of Ross  Loehner
Ross Loehner
Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Digital
(714) 289-3105

Digital Marketing

photo of  Michelle  Leslie
Michelle Leslie
Assistant Director, Digital Marketing
(714) 289-3128
photo of Andy  Anderson
Andy Anderson
Web and Email Marketing Specialist
(714) 299-3147
no photo available for Tod  Brewster
Tod Brewster
Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist
(714) 997-6580

Marketing Strategy

photo of Hallie Nicholson
Hallie Nicholson
Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy
(714) 628-2815
photo of Miguel  Bolaños
Miguel Bolaños
(714) 516-5229
photo of Lauren  Henderson
Lauren Henderson
Marketing Strategist
(714) 289-3142
photo of Nicole  Schmidt
Nicole Schmidt
Marketing Strategist
(714) 628-7214

Web Development

photo of Joey  Hoang
Joey Hoang
Lead Developer
(714) 628-7313
photo of Chris  Bryant
Chris Bryant
Web Developer
(714) 997-6724
photo of  Erica  de Guzman
Erica de Guzman
UX/UI Designer
(714) 628-7319
photo of Nicholas  Nadel
Nicholas Nadel
Web Developer
(714) 628-2704

Project Management Team

photo of Shirin Khodabandehloo
Shirin Khodabandehloo
Director of Marketing Projects
(714) 516-5025
photo of Leslie  Chanthaphasouk
Leslie Chanthaphasouk
Project Manager
(714) 744-7961
no photo available for Heather Ketchem
Heather Ketchem
Project Manager
(714) 516-5130
photo of Angela Ruiz
Angela Ruiz
Project Manager
(714) 516-6120
photo of Mark Wimberley
Mark Wimberley
Project Manager
(714) 997-6582

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