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Here you will find a collection of frequently asked questions from current students at Chapman University. 

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If I have to miss class due to an illness or family emergency, what do I do?

student in unionThe first step is to talk to your professor. Keeping close communication with your professor is very important and if you haven’t missed class previously or exceeded attendance requirements, it likely won’t be a problem (varies by class). If your professor requires further documentation to excuse an absence, contact the Dean of Students office to schedule an appointment to meet with the Associate Dean of Students at (714) 997-6721.


View this "If I have to miss class" PDF for more information. 

I am trying to register but I cannot because I have a hold. How can I get my hold removed?

There are three kinds for registration holds and you will need to take a different course of action depending on the type of hold. 

View this "I am trying to register but have a hold" PDF for more information.

I have to drop a class (or classes) but it is after the drop deadline. What can I do?

Students can petition for a late withdrawal from a course for medical/psychological reasons, military service or for a family emergency. You will need to complete a Petition for Late Withdrawal from and attach a letter discussing the circumstances that necessitate your request. Once you have completed the Petition, statement and you have secured the documentation from your health care provider/therapist, contact the Dean of Students Office at 714.997.6721 to schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean of Students. 

View this "I need to petition for late drop class" PDF for more information.

I cannot finish this semester due to an illness or family emergency. What are my options?

students by pantherYour main option is to withdraw from classes. For more information about the withdrawal process, please visit the Interrupted Enrollment page. If you plan to be out for the remainder of the current semester, please also take a moment to learn more about interrupted enrollment and the policies related to it. They can be found at the following link: 

View this "I cannot finish this semester" PDF for more information 

I really need to register for this class but it is full. What can I do?

If a class is full, a student’s best option is to approach the professor who teaches a class and ask to be added. If that doesn’t work, the only viable option is to approach the chair of the class’s academic department; only the department chair or Dean of the college can make an exception when a class is full. If you need the class in order to graduate on time, you will have a better chance of receiving an exemption.

View this "I need to register for a full class" PDF for more information 

Can I appeal my grade? How?

Chapman policy makes it very difficult to change a grade after it has been posted on your transcript. The policy states a grade should be changed only if there was a calculation error or clerical error, so speak to your professor directly first. However, if you feel you have received a grade that is not accurate you can appeal your grade by petitioning the Standards Committee. 

Find more information on challenging a grade in the Course Catalog

I am having a disagreement with my professor over an assignment (or another issue), is there anything I can do?

Typically the only time a student has recourse in a dispute with a professor is if the professor is taking action that is inconsistent with their syllabus. If this is the case, you can speak with the chair of the academic department of that professor to see if they are willing to help resolve the dispute. Please note: regardless of the issue, by far your best chance of reaching a satisfactory resolution is to work it out directly with the professor.

View this "I had a disagreement with my professor" PDF for more information 

I had a really bad semester, will my bad grades affect my financial aid or scholarships?

students workingA bad semester or a withdrawal might affect financial aid eligibility.  Merit scholarships (Presidential, Chancellor’s, Dean’s, Board of Trustees, and Founder’s) require that students maintain minimum cumulative Chapman grade point averages of 2.75 at the end of each academic year.  Talent Scholarships (music, dance, art, theatre, science, athletic training, creative writing/journalism, film) require a minimum Chapman cumulative GPA of 2.0, but the terms of the scholarship may require a higher GPA in your major. 


View this "I had a really bad semester" PDF for more information 

I had to withdraw from a class/classes this semester. Will this affect my financial aid or scholarships?

Withdrawals from classes do not affect your GPA and thus will not affect your merit scholarship eligibility.  If you withdraw from a class, be sure to enroll in sufficient other units to finish the academic year with at least 24 units (or 12, if only enrolled one semester). 

View this "I had to withdraw from a class" PDF for more information 

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