» I-20 Extension Request

If you are unable to finish your degree program by the end date on your I-20, you must submit the I-20 Extension Request. An extension of your I-20 must be completed at least 15 days before your current I-20 end date. You are eligible for a program extension if you are making satisfactory progress toward your program and extension request is due to academic or medical reason.

Application Instructions:

  1. Complete the Extension of Program form (Undergraduate Graduate), and print it out.
  2. Have your advisor(s) sign the Program Extension form.
  3. Attach proof of funding: Undergraduate tuition, Graduate Tuition (Orange), Graduate Tuition (Rinker).

The amount must cover tuition plus $1,000 per month for living.

  1. Turn in the Extension of Program form to International Student and Scholar Services. If your request for an extension is approved, you will receive an email notifying you to pick up your extended I-20 at the Center for Global Education.