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Academic Policy Changes (Pass/No Pass and Withdraw deadlines)

Changes in Academic Policies for Withdrawals and Pass/No Pass for Spring 2020

Procedures for Students and Program Directors to follow to make changes

The following policy changes are applicable only during the Spring 2020 semester for Orange Campus non-law classes. Below is important information for students, faculty and program directors on issues to consider about making these requests, and procedures to follow. 

Extension of time to withdraw for a course for Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

The ability to withdraw from a class and receive a non-punitive “W” is moved to Friday, May 15. This change is applicable to all Orange Campus programs, undergraduate and graduate, except those in the Fowler School of Law.

  • Note that failure to attend a course will not result in a withdrawal from the course, rather the grade of FW will be given, which is computed in the GPA the same as failing the course.  
  • Students should be aware that withdrawing from a course may put them below the 12-credit enrollment requirement for full-time status for undergraduates or below the 4.5 credit enrollment requirement for graduate students to be eligible for federal financial aid. If this applies to you, consult with the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawing to determine how this will impact already awarded grant aid and loans. There are additional considerations for international students, who should review these issues with Junko Takada (takada@chapman.edu) prior to making a decision to withdraw from any course.
  • In order to withdraw, please do so by dropping the class through your student center portal at my.chapman.edu no later than Friday, May 15 at 5 p.m. Pacific time.


Request for Change in Grading Method (Letter Grade Option to Pass/No Pass or vice versa) for Undergraduate Degree Programs

The deadline to file a change of grading method, either from Letter Grade to Pass/No Pass (P/NP) or from P/NP to Letter Grade, is moved to the last official day of classes, Saturday, May 16, at 5 p.m. Pacific time. Please be sure to review the information below before making your decision as to whether or not to change the grading method for your course. Please note this option is for enrolled classes at Chapman University. Students studying aboard or completing courses in transfer must refer to the institution where the class was taken for grading options during Spring 2020. 

  • The cut-off grade to receive a pass for undergraduates is C-. If you choose P/NP and receive a grade below C-, you will not receive credit for the course. If it is important to receive credit for the course, for instance, if it is a General Education course, and your grade is below a C-, you should not change to P/NP.
  • Courses taken P/NP during Spring 2020 will not count towards the limit of 6 credits of P/NP courses allowed in an academic year (considered Fall through the end of Summer).
  • Courses that are restricted to “letter grade only” may be taken P/NP during this semester only.
  • Some major and minor programs require that major or minor courses must be taken for a letter grade. This requirement is being waived this semester only. Courses that are required for the major or minor may be taken P/NP and will count towards the major or minor. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with program advisors if they are considering professional graduate programs (such as medical school), as certain professional degree programs and institutions will expect courses to be taken for a letter grade. The Office the University Registrar will be adding Chapman courses that were changed from graded to "P" to major and minor courses where applicable. This will be done for the Spring 2020 courses once grades are officially posted. We thank you for your patience while these adjustments are being manually processed. 
  • To change grading method for a course (from letter grade to P/NP or vice versa), there are two options: 
    • 1. If the course has the option to be taken for a letter grade or for P/NP, you may change the grading option through your student center portal. Please follow the Grading Basis instructions to do this. 
    • If the grading method is letter grade only, you will not be able to change that through the student portal. Please use the following process:
      • Send an email from your Chapman email account to registrar@chapman.edu no later than 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 16 as follows:
        • Subject line of email must be “Change of Grading Method”
        • Body of email contains
          • your full name 
          • ID number 
          • major and minor (if applicable because it is a course that is required to be taken for a letter grade)
          • course number and section number
          • specifically, what you are requesting: Change of grading method for letter grade to P/NP or Change of grading method from P/NP to letter grade
  • Undergraduate students who are taking graduate courses as part of an accelerated program must follow the process given below for graduate students for any graduate course for which they wish to change the grading method.
  • The P/NP policy for this semester does not apply to students studying abroad. Students enrolled in study abroad programs for spring with questions regarding their specific situation should contact Dr. Nina LeNoir, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education.


Request for Changing Grading Method (Letter Grade Option to Pass/No Pass) for Graduate Degree Programs (excludes programs in the Fowler School of Law and licensure/certification programs)

It is up to the director of each graduate program to determine if the program will adopt the policies above regarding late change of grading method and whether a P/NP grade is acceptable for courses in a graduate degree program. Note that the requirement to receive a grade of P (pass) at the graduate level is a C+. Graduate students should consult their program director. The deadline to petition for a change of grading method, either from Letter Grade to Pass/No Pass (P/NP) or from P/NP to Letter Grade, is moved to the last official day of classes, Saturday, May 16, at 5 p.m. Pacific time.

Graduate programs known to be specifically excluded from this P/NP grading option include all programs in the Fowler School of Law, all CCTC credential programs in Attallah College (MAT, MA Special Education, EdS School Psychology, MA School Counseling, MA Curriculum and Instruction), the MA in Marriage and Family Therapy in Crean College, as well as courses in the CSD post-baccalaureate program.

  • To change grading method for a course (from letter grade to P/NP or vice versa), graduate students must complete a graduate petition form.
  • Download the form and fill it out, sending it electronically as an attachment with an email explaining which course you wish to change to Pass/No Pass to your Graduate Program Director.
  • The email to your Program Director must come from your Chapman email account.
  • The subject line of your email should be “Pass/No Pass Grade Request”.
  • Do not come to campus for the purposes of obtaining the form nor providing it to the Program Director – submit electronically.
  • If your request is granted, the Program Director will email the appropriate unit contact for your graduate program in the Office of the Registrar with their permission and signature on the petition form, and will copy the student at their Chapman email address.

Notarized Diplomas and Transcripts

Notarization requests for diplomas and official transcripts are temporarily unavailable. California does not allow notaries to do notarizations remotely. Students in need of notarized diplomas should contact the requesting organization to see if other documentation can be provided.