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When do we need to arrive?

Please plan to arrive on the Monday the workshop starts. 

Students that are able to commute to and from the workshop are welcome to apply. Students are responsible for their transportation commuting to and from the workshop each day.

Where is the workshop held?

The workshop will be held in Wilkinson Hall #116. You can view our campus map here.

How are meals supplied?

Lunches are typically served from noon-1 p.m. Restaurant Services provide an "All You Care to Eat" menu with two entrees (including vegetarian options), a fruit and salad bar, desserts, and beverages. The group will be issued a meal card.

Who do we call in case of an emergency?

Public Safety Office (714) 997-6763 is the emergency number for parents. The Public Safety Office is open 24 hours per day and can handle emergencies. Additionally, page a student summer conference staff for assistance.