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+ - I need to hire a law clerk. What types of positions are available for students?

The term "law clerk" has a generic meaning. In particular, we recommend that you give the title to the student based on the following:

Law Clerk: Paid position; no school credit. The student may be responsible for legal research and writing, and other related work.

Summer Associate: Paid position; no school credit. These are positions filled by 2Ls during the summer at large firms. Summer Associates are recruited in the fall of their 2L year, primarily via On-Campus Interviewing, Resume Collection, and Resume Direct applications. Some firms offer summer associate programs for 1Ls; however, the majority of the positions are offered to 2Ls.

Intern: Unpaid position; no school credit. These positions are only allowed in the public sector (e.g., government agencies, public interest organizations) because of federal law. Interns perform work similar to that of a law clerk.

Extern: Unpaid position; school credit. An extern would primarily work in the public and non-profit sector and for companies. Those hired by judges (while in law school) would also be considered an extern. There are other opportunities for externships in other sectors, such as entertainment. For more information, please visit our Externship Program.

+ - I need a law clerk ASAP. Where do I announce the job?

If you are looking to fill an immediate position, we can advertise the job on Symplicity, our online job bulletin board. Please follow the link to Post a Job.

+ - I forgot my Symplicity password. How can I retrieve it?

Please contact the Recruiting Program Manager to have your password resent to you.

+ - Do you post attorney positions?

Absolutely. In addition, we encourage you to post other positions, including post-graduate law clerk, JD-preferred, or law-alternative positions for law school graduates. Jobs are available for alumni on Symplicity 24 hours a day. We also generate the "Alumni Job Seeker Listserv" to promote active job postings.

+ - How much should I be prepared to pay a law clerk?

While there is not a set hourly rate, most law clerks will receive $12-30/hour depending on the nature of the work and experience of the applicant.

+ - How do I participate in On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)?

We offer two OCI seasons: Fall (August - September) and Spring (February). Please visit our OCI page for details.

+ - Is there a fee(s) to post a job, participate in OCI, or represent my firm at a career fair?

No. Chapman University Fowler School of Law-sponsored events and programs are completely free of charge. This includes on-campus parking.

+ - What types of recruiting events does Career Services offer?

The CSO has annual events/opportunities, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Fall OCI (August - September) & Spring OCI (February)
  • Resume Book (distributed twice a year)
  • Resume Collections (part of Fall & Spring Recruitment)
  • Job Postings (via Symplicity and other sources) 

Southern California Law School Consortium Events:

  • Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day (hosted by UCLA School of Law)
  • Entertainment Law Day (hosted by Southwestern Law School)
  • Government Day (hosted by Chapman University Fowler School of Law)
  • Patent Job Fair (hosted by Loyola Law School, Chicago)
  • Equal Justice Works Conference & Career Fair (in Washington, D.C.)

Please contact the Recruiting Program Manager for more information about these programs.

+ - Is video conferencing available?

Yes. We encourage you to consider interviewing students via video conferencing, if you cannot interview on campus. We can coordinate these interviews with your IT department. Please contact the Recruiting Program Manager for more information.

+ - Does Chapman have a Mentor Program?

Yes. The program kicks off in the spring, and we try to match each participating mentor with a first-year (1L) student. Contact the Director of Career Services if you would like to participate.

+ - Can I begin interviewing after I receive resumes from Symplicity?

Yes. Once you receive resumes and screen your respective candidate(s), please invite students to your office for an interview.

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