» Default Meeting Security Policies in Microsoft Teams

Starting on June 4th, 2020, newly scheduled Microsoft Teams meetings will have additional security settings applied by default.

  1. Prevent external sharing by outside attendees until permission is granted
  2. Place outside attendees in a virtual lobby

You can grant screen sharing permissions, as well as change these defaults on a per meeting basis, using the below instructions.

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Grant external guests screen sharing permission

The Share Screen (Presenter) permission is restricted to those who log in with a Chapman account (faculty/staff/student).

Outside guests and those who join without authenticating will need to be granted the Presenter permission during the meeting if you want them to share content. This is done by clicking the “” next to the persons’ name, and choosing the Make a presenter option.

Screenshot of the participant permissions screen

Admitting external guests in the Lobby

External attendees will be placed into a virtual lobby, and must be manually admitted by a Presenter. A dialog indicating that someone is in the lobby, and Presenters can choose to view and admit them if desired.

Screenshot of the lobby admit message in Teams

Adjusting the security settings during meeting scheduling

You can adjust the meeting security settings when scheduling your Teams meeting.


1. First, schedule and send your meeting to your attendees. Next, open your invitation on your calendar. Click the Meeting options link. (The location depends whether you are using Outlook or the Teams app.)

 Screenshot of the meeting options links in Outlook and Teams

2. Adjust the security settings and click Save.

 Screenshot of the meeting options menu.


  • For example, to turn off the Lobby for everyone, select “Everyone” in the Bypass option. To limit screen sharing only to yourself, choose “Only Me”.


Adjusting the security settings during the meeting

As the organizer, you can adjust the security settings for a meeting that is currently underway.

1. Click the Participants icon in the Teams meeting tray.

 Screenshot of the participants icon.


2. Click the Set Permissions icon in the top bar (“Checkmark / X”) 

3. In the resulting web page, adjust the security settings as desired and click Save.