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We Love Our Chapman Family Volunteers

» National Volunteer Appreciation Week

We are happy to celebrate and recognize our Chapman volunteers who are making a difference in the Chapman Community. Giving back is a Chapman core value and is reflected in every aspect of Chapman life. Alumni, parents, faculty/staff members, and students contribute countless hours each year to ensure the Chapman Experience is delivered. Throughout the year, our volunteers serve on numerous leadership boards, supporting in-person and virtual events, and thinking and promoting Chapman-First! Thank you Chapman Family Volunteers!

School/College and Department Leadership Boards

Chapman’s volunteers serve on numerous advisory committees, leadership boards and councils in support of the mission and vision of our university. They are connecting our students and alumni to new job opportunities, providing thoughtful leadership and exceptional advice. We are grateful for all who provide their resources, talents, and most valuable resource--time--to Chapman.

Daily Volunteer Spotlight

Each day this week we will highlight a volunteer who goes above and beyond to help Chapman succeed.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Parker Kennedy bio

Parker Kennedy
Chair of the Board of Trustees

"As Chair of the Board of Trustees, Parker Kennedy is the ultimate volunteer for Chapman. By giving his time, talent and support, Parker not only leads the board, he also helps advise President Struppa, engages with our Chapman Family members, and advances the mission of Chapman University in the larger community. Parker’s diplomatic personality and calm demeaner are the perfect characteristics for a chair, as he often helps negotiate through difficult decisions, always focusing on what is best for our students and the future of the university. Thank you Parker for your constant support, faithful dedication to Chapman, and unwavering commitment to the mission of the university."

- Sheryl Bourgeois, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer


Mark Schauwecker (MBA ’03)
Chapman50 Council Member
Alumni Association Board Member
Young Alumni Society Mentor

"Mark Schauwecker (MBA ’03) was looking for a way to get re-connected at Chapman and give back to the school where he’d received his MBA, and he found that in Chapman50. He has carried that membership and his involvement with his alma mater, further taking leadership positions on the C50 Council, the Alumni Association Board, and the Young Alumni Society’s Mentorship Program. Not having a great sense of direction when entering the workforce fresh out of college, Mark really wanted to be a support mechanism for those starting their careers. He is dedicated to helping Chapman students and young alumni through mentorships, providing clarity, creating understanding while working in finance. Mark thoroughly enjoys mentoring and simply states that it is “good stuff!”
Thank you, Mark, for being such a positive influence on student and alumni lives. All of your time spent is impacting many in incredible ways!"

- Joy Flynn, Manager, Support Group Programs


Paul Cook
Chair of the Board of Governors

"Many may not be familiar with the role that the Board of Governors plays, but Chair Paul Cook is working to change that. The primary purpose of the Board of Governors is to help President Struppa and the Board of Trustees monitor strategic planning, academic programs, and external relations. By being an integral part of Chapman’s efforts to achieve its strategic priorities, governors are expected to ask thought-provoking questions, suggest areas of focus and recommend revisions, if needed. In essence, they help ensure appropriate progress is made towards accomplishing the objectives of each strategic priority. Paul not only understands the importance of this role, he exemplifies it. Always ready to offer a suggestion, be involved, and to Think Chapman First, Paul’s leadership is significant and impactful. Thank you, Paul, for making your volunteer role a priority and for your tireless commitment to Chapman’s future."

- Sheryl Bourgeois, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer


Michael Wong '15

"Michael is a Chapman alumnus who enjoys making an impact on the current student body through volunteering his time.

He has successfully started his own company in the Settle region called, Peeka, a virtual reality company that brings children's books to life.  This upcoming week, on April 27, he will be sharing his experience with a group of students within Wilkinson College about how to be successful in the copywriter industry. 

We are so appreciative for him giving back to Wilkinson College and helping out students through their own journey."

-Erin Berthon, Career Advisor and Wilkinson College

Leika Bishop '05
"As a student, I benefited from alumni like you that gave back to the university; whether it was volunteering as an advisor, event staff, or mentor the volunteers always exemplified what I aspired to be. You are not just giving your time, but you are showing future generations of Panthers how to support students. Your presence speaks volumes and...
Joy Flynn
Manager, Support Groups
"Ranging in age from 30-something to 90-something, the Chapman50 Council, Town & Gown Board, and Women of Chapman Steering Committee spend countless hours leading each of their support groups with enthusiasm and unbelievable dedication. Each group is different, but they all have one thing in common – their great love of Chapman." ...
Sheryl A. Bourgeois, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer
“Chapman is blessed to have the involvement of so many dedicated volunteers – parents, alumni, staff, faculty and friends. None are more dedicated or give more time than the members of our governing boards. This has been especially true during COVID-19, as they helped us to overcome so many challenges. They are enthusiastic and accomplished prof...
Dr. Gregory Goldsmith
Assistant Professor, Director, Grand Challenges Initiative
"There is no substitute for hearing directly from the experts. We are so grateful to everyone that makes time to engage with our students in the Grand Challenges Initiative as they learn about how to use science and engineering to change the world. Thank you."
Andi Doddridge
Director, Alumni Engagement
"Sincere appreciation to our alumni volunteers who have so generously shared their time and talents during the 2020-2021 academic year in so many new and exciting ways! Becoming an active volunteer in our Alumni Association is a selfless way to give back to Chapman, but it’s also a GREAT way to get reconnected with fellow alumni as well as st...
Thank you to all our Chapman Family Volunteers