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Academic Advising Resources

The Academic Advising Center has a wealth of resources designed to assist you in the major exploration process.  You can utilize these resources anytime.  If you have questions or need assistance with the resources, make an appointment with your advisor.  We're here to help!

Important Chapman University websites:

Schools and Colleges at Chapman:

These are handouts and activities that you can print at home:

  • Exploratory Course List - List of course students can take to explore different majors at Chapman
  • elimiMajor! - Activity for students to see which majors they like at Chapman
  • Major Interest Game - A game designed to help students match their interests and skills with Chapman majors

Print Resources

These books are available for use in the Academic Advising Center:

  • 90-Minute College Major Matcher: Choose Your Best Major for a Great Career
  • Fishing for a Major: What You Need to Know Before You Declare
  • Guide to College Majors: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Major
  • How to Choose a College Major
  • Selecting a College Major: Exploration and Decision Making
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Exploring majors that you are interested in is an exciting process! Take the time to explore, reflect, and connect with faculty members in the fields you are interested in pursuing!

Choosing a Major
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