image of earth from space with the sun glaring in the distance
Schmid College of Science and Technology

» Center of Excellence in Earth Systems, Modeling & Observations (CEESMO)

The Center of Excellence in Earth Systems, Modeling and Observations (CEESMO) is an interdisciplinary research unit that focuses on the Earth and its systems. Scientific areas include natural hazards such as wildfires, severe weather, floods, air pollution, and earthquakes, and the changing Earth climate and its impacts on agriculture, economic factors, the atmosphere, and oceans. Areas of excellence also include central aspects of modern physics, such as quantum mechanics and the role of the mind, brain science, and the universe, in which the planet Earth, humans, and all life are found. CEESMO scientists use regional climate modeling, Earth observations, advanced data analysis, machine and deep learning, and spatial analysis to study the different environments. The myriad areas of research among CEESMO faculty, affiliated faculty, postdoctoral fellows, international collaborators, and students reflect the interdisciplinary nature of CEESMO.