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What is High School Ethic Bowl? 

The National High School Ethics Bowl and the regional ethics bowls it supports are competitive yet collaborative events in which students discuss real-life ethical issues. In each round of competition, teams take turns analyzing cases about complex ethical dilemmas and responding to questions and comments from the other team and from a panel of judges. An ethics bowl differs from a debate competition in that students are not assigned opposing views; rather, they defend whichever position they think is correct, provide each other with constructive criticism, and win by demonstrating that they have thought rigorously and systematically about the cases and engaged respectfully and supportively with all participants. The program is designed to teach and promote ethical awareness, critical thinking, civil discourse, civic engagement, and an appreciation for multiple points of view.  And NHSEB’s goal is to do more than teach students how to think through ethical issues—it is to teach students how to think through ethical issues together, as fellow citizens in a complex moral and political community. Learn more about this national program.

Southern California Regional HSEB 

Regional bowls are held across the country, with winners advancing to compete in regional playoffs and then in the national competition in April.  The Southern California regional bowl is held each year on the first Saturday in February, with schools from San Diego to Santa Barbara participating. This year the competition will again be in-person, using the companionate mode integrating scoring with the online system.

Reserve Your Spot to Participate in the So Cal Bowl Today!
Once you have formed a team at your high school and found a coach, you need to reserve your spot in the regional competition by contacting us. Our bowl is limited to twenty teams so be sure to let us know of your high school’s intention to field a team as soon as possible. 

The deadline for signing up for the regional bowl is December 1st. but please note that the required registration fee for nationals increases after November 1st, so the sooner you sign up, the better!

We would like as many schools to be able to participate as possible, but if there is room, schools may be able to have more than one team in the regional competition. Please let us know if you would like to be placed on the waiting list for a possible second team.  

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